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British Columbia is undergoing a reneissance when it comes to food. Building on local ingredients, and natural and organic produce, west coast cuisine is being developed into something totally spectacular.  While chefs are experimenting in their kitchens, growers are testing the limits of the regions unique climate, producing filberts, kiwis, almonds and winter greens. Combine all this with the traditional wild foods such as chanterelles, dungenous crab and fresh salmon and your imagination may be as stimulated as your palette. Of course British Columbia has come into its own as a wine region and appreciation of the local vintages has lead to some great local wine pairing in the areas restaurants.


Victoria, Pacific Rim & Vancouver Island

One place where Victoria fails to live up its British Heritage is in the area of cookery - praise be! While British cuisine has its advocates there's much lacking in the this realm of the British Empire. Victoria is well known for it's dining and has a wide variety of ethnic restaurants including... surprise, Indian. A fascinating delight is the opulant Bengal Lounge of the the Empress Fairmont but if that's a little pricey how about some excellent Tandoori Chicken at Da Tandoor restaurant, one of Victoria's finest. If you're looking for something else spicy and delicious but you're in a hurry, drop into one of the two Noodle Box Restaurants for some excellent asian stir fries (yes, they are boxed to to go if you can't sit down)

One of our favourites Rebar Modern Food, provides dishes with a variety of influences but always steers towards the vegetarian and natural with its ingrediants and preperation, the results are excellent, so don't be surprised if there's a line up (but have no fear, you rarely wait long). While you're hovering over the menu, make a point of sampling the Angel's Water tea (from Silk Road) it's, dare I say it... heavenly! Speaking of Tea and British influences don't miss out on having high tea at the Empress it's oh so we'll... we'll you know, really.

West Coast Cuisine is making a big splash in the world of gastronomy and while Victoria has it's share of stand outs in this area, it's just outside the city you'll find perhaps the finest on all of the west coast, Sooke Harbour House (their wine list is outstanding). Less than a half hour by car, the scenic drive and the exquisite dining will make the effort well worth it. If you're not inclined to make the drive back after dinner, it's nice to know they also have excellent accommodations you can take advantage of but make sure you reserve in advance.

If you're traveling in the other direction towards Saanich and you're looking for something a little more casual stop in at Fish on Fifth. Located in Sidney, it's becoming well know for its fish and chips and thier great halibut wraps.

Further afield Nanaimo is coming into it's own with fine seafood, service and atmosphere available at the Light House Bistro. For something truly unique (honest), stop into Glow World, the surroundings will intrique you and the food will surprise you!

The Pacific Rim area once had a dirth of fine dining but this has radically changed. While the Wikkinninnish Inn was always a destination, The Point is now considered one of the finest dining rooms on the island. Of course it doesn't stop there, the Shelter Restaurant has exceptional seafood and the Raincoast Cafe will round out any dining tour of the area.



Gulf Islands Restaurants & Bars

It should come as no surprise that sea food is one of the main attractions in Gulf Island's restaurants. After all, the fishing boats are out each morning. Many bring in a catch on a daily basis, which often end up on a diners plate before the night is over. West coast salmon is known the world over for it's wonderful texture and delicate flavour. Make a point of taking some home with you, your friends will be forever grateful. The islands are also well known for their organic and natural foods. Don't hesitate to sample some of the healthier dishes which are rapidly evolving into sophisticated offerings. However,don't overlook other fine cuisines, particularly those of southeast Asia, which have large vibrant communities in southwestern British Columbia. These and other ethnic offerings are starting to make their presence felt in the cooking scene on the islands.


Vancouver Restaurants & Bars

Vancouver and the surrounding regions offer the broadest variety of cuisine available almost anywhere. Some of Canada's first Mexican, Szechwan and Indonesian restaurants were established here. In addition, the city was a pioneer in the area of vegetarian and health food restaurants. Vancouver's Chinatown is a definite must for foodies. Overall it's very difficult to find a bad restaurant in the city or the Coast and Mountains region for that matter.

If you're dining in Whistler there are so many good restaurants and bars within a short walk it makes choosing difficult. From fine French restaurants, to excellent pub fare, or perhaps the spice of the orient, you'll find it all here, and regardless of you're choice, you won't be disappointed. If you're visiting Vancouver make a point of visiting China Town and sampling some authentic Chinese cooking or if you have a penchant for Sushi there are innumerable establishments to choose from. A visit to this ocean port wouldn't be complete without a fine seafood dinner, our favorite is the Cannery Restaurant. In addition to the fine cuisine the window tables offer a stunning view. As you watch the the sun set over the water, and the mountains fade, the scene changes dramatically as the lights of the north shore start to appear and climb into the sky.

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Whistler Restaurants & Bars

Whistler has the widest variety of dining and drinking experiences, in the smallest area, of any place we know of. Every type and variety of fare is available, in and around the village. Fine dining abounds and some large cities would be hard pressed to match the resorts quality. You can try the Cuisine of Thailand, Mexico, Japan and France to a name a few, all within a short walk of the resorts onsite accommodations. Pub fare along with casual dining is also available throughout the village walkways.

If you've worked up an appetite on the slopes but still have a few runs to go you might want to try Buffalo Bills which is located at the base of Whistler mountian and provides a great lunch in served up in short order. Later in the evening if you're looking for a little rowdiness, good company and some great beer, stop by the Dunhlin Gate for some excellent pub fare and good times. If you're visiting in the summer months, a good bet is to park yourself in one of the open air bistros. You can choose from several different menus and indulged in one of the villages most popular pastimes, watching the ebb and flow of the endless walkway crowds.


Thompson Okanagan Restaurants


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Food and Gastronomy

The Islands are a seafood lovers delight with daily catches available at many of the areas restaurants. Products grown locally adds to this wonderful culinary opportunity, with natural and organic being the operative words. More and more of the island farms are raising live stock and garden crops without pesticides and herbicides, a trend that is growing in leaps and bounds. Local products are reflecting this with all natural ingrediants and processing methods that retain that wholesome goodness. You'll also find lots of natural products to pamper you such as soaps and scents that are available in local shops and at the regions wonderful farmers markets.


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