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British Columbia The waters off of British Columbia are some of the world's great areas for sailing and cruising. The jagged rugged coastline is deeply indented with fjords, channels and reaches. Vancouver Island forms a barrier to the broader Pacific, offering protected waterways along the southern coast. Hundreds of islands are interspersed throughout this area providing accommodations, restaurants, supplies and of course protected anchorages. In addition the province maintains dozens and dozens of marine parks with docks and/or buoys along with campsites, if you're want to spend some time ashore. At the southern tip of the big island you'll find Victoria, a wonderful place to tie up and visit for a few days. Then head up through the Gulf Islands in the Strait of Georgia and stop in at Ganges on Salt Spring, where you'll find a charming little village with fine restaurants and entertainment.


Head over to Vancouver and try and find a berth at Granville Island, where you can walk or take the ferries or water taxis to most of the cities attractions. Further up the coast you'll find one of British Columbia's most beautiful cruising areas in Desolation Sound. Still further north you can watch the Orcas in Johnstone Strait on you're way to Alaska or for the more experienced sailors head back down the outside coast of Vancouver Island and spend a few days kayaking or surfing off Long Beach.

Gulf Islands

The gulf islands are considered one of the world's great cruising areas. These sheltered waters provide endless inlets, channels and coves to explore. Government docks and marinas can be found at many of the islands villages where supplies, restaurants and entertainment are also available. Sheltered anchorages are tucked into innumerable locations along the islands twisting shorelines. The coastal waters of British Columbia are home to dozens of marine parks, which dot the shores of the islands and the coast. The recently established Gulf Islands National Park makes the area of even greater interest to explorers.

The Gulf Islands National Park has anchorages off Princess Margaret Island (Portland Island) at Princess Bay and Royal Cove. Russell Island has several sites you can take advantage of. Beaumont (Bedwell Harbour) off South Pender Island has protected anchorages, marinas and resorts as well as the Canada Customs office which is responsible for the area. Winter Cove between Saturna and Samual Island has anchorages as does Lyall Harbour, home to Saturna's ferry terminal. On the outer coast of Saturna, just off Tumbo Island you'll find more anchorages at Cabbage Island. Otter Bay on North Pender has all the amenities and good anchorages as well. Prevost Island has a number of anchorages around the island including off the park's land located along the James Bay inlet. Sidney Spit is one of the parks best destinations, with wonderful sandy beaches, great hiking trails and a good anchorage with mooring buoys.

The Provincial Marine Parks scattered throughout the islands also have anchorages and may have mooring bouys as well. Wallace island has anchorages at Conover Cove and Princess Cove which also has mooring buoys. You'll find good anchorages at Wakes Cove Provincial Marine Park which is located on Valdes Island. Montague Harbour on Galiano Island is one of the Gulf Islands favorite boating destinations. You'll find good anchorages as well as a marina, many amenities and mooring buoys.

Salt Spring Island has several sheltered areas with anchorages available including Fulford Harbour, Burgoyne Bay, Long Harbour and of course Ganges. Ganges is a prime destination in the islands with fine restaurants, grocery stores, book stores and a hardware store. Most anything a boater might need including area charts are readily available. Ganges also has a government dock as does Fernwood, Fulford, Vesuvius, Burgoyne Bay and Musgrave Landing. Map of Salt Spring Island

Gabriola Island has anchorages at Degnan Bay and the very popular Silva Bay which also has resorts and marinas. Just north of the island you'll find anchorages at Newcastle Island and everything you might need in the nearby City of Nanaimo. Map of Gabriola Island

Mowgli Island one of the Secretaries group has a small anchorage which you can take advantage of as does Reid Island off the eastern shore of Thetis. Kendrick Island, on the Strait side, has an anchorage which is often uncrowded. Irish Bay to the north of Saturna on the western side of Samuel Island is sheltered for overnight stays.

Kuper and Thetis anchorages are available at Clam Bay off the north side of Kuper Island, Penelakut Spit between Kuper and Thetis on the east side, Telegraph Harbour on the west between the two islands, which also has two marinas. At the north of Thetis you'll find an anchorage at North Cove which is often uncrowded when the rest of the islands are busy.

Sidney and Victoria to the south have marinas, anchorages, mooring buoys and all the amenities you might ever need. A number of daytime anchorages are available all over the islands and nearby shores of Vancouver Island. One of out favorites is Walker Hook on the north eastern shores of Salt Spring Island which has a wonderful sandy beach.

Harbour's End Marine - 121 Upper Ganges Road, Ganges, Salt Spring Island

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Gulf Islands Yacht Clubs

  • Pender Island Yacht Club - Pender Island
  • Salt Spring Island Sailing Club - Salt Spring Island
  • Silva Bay Yacht Club - Gabriola Island

    Gulf Islands Charts

    3313, 2441, 2442, 2443

    Note: The list of charts is not complete for the entire Gulf Islands area. Consult with the Canadian Hydrographic Service for details and for a list of dealers where the charts can be purchased.


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