Twenty years ago if you had used the word whistler you were probably referring to that musical Italian neighbour or perhaps someone's mother. Now the word is synonymous with snowboarding, skiing mountain biking and outdoor sports and adventure in general. Of course none of this might have happened if the "village concept" hadn't taken hold like it did. Ski hills use to be just that, a hill which has runs carved from the forested slopes to allow you to ski down the hill side. The idea of a resort village borrows something from Europe but in a lot of ways it has been developed further at Whistler, Blue Mountain and Mont Tremblant. These aren't ski hills, they're experiences and all you' needs and desires have been anticipated with the idea of making everyone's wishes come true.


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Historic Sites

Canada's national historic sites are managed by the federal government. The include fortifications, historic homes and buildings, canals as well as areas which have little obvious clues of their historical significance. In the latter case, efforts are often expended to reconstruct some of the details of the past. An excellent example of this is available at the l'Anse a Meadow site in Newfoundland, which reconstructs the earliest known European presence in the new world, in the form of a Viking settlement.

British Columbia has seven national historic sites located in the province. In addition there are sites of historic significance designated on a provincial and regional basis and of course those which are established by interested parties in the private sector.


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  Month   High   Low  
  May   17C (62F)   7C (44F)  
  June   21C (70F)   9C (48F)  
  July   27C (80F)   11C (52F)  
  August   27C (80F)   11C (52F)  
  September   20C (68F)   8C (46F)   
  October   16C (60F)   3C (38F)  


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If your flying into the area your most likely to land at Vancouver International Airport in Richmond. Once you leave the airport it's a short hop over the Fraser River into the city itself with the down town core still a distance away. Heading east will bring you up into the Fraser Canyon and traveling north from the city brings you to Whistler or the Sunshine Coast.

If your traveling by car the access to the Vancouver Coast and Mountain area is essentially from the east or south (yes, you could come by Ferry via Vancouver Island as well). If you coming from the US to the south you'll follow the I5 to the border then Hwy 99 through the Fraser Delta and into Vancouver. If you coming from the east he only real choice is to cross the border and connect with the Trans-Canada highway through the Fraser Valley.


The Vancouver International Airport is located just to the south of the city on Sea Island in Richmond. It's just short of 15km (9 miles) to the downtown core. It will cost you about $35.00C by taxi to get downtown. A cheaper alternative is the airport shuttles which run to the hotels. There is no freeway into the core from the airport so traffic lights and speed limits will take there toll, plan on at least 30 minutes at the best of times and increase that proportionately as you approach rush hour.

There is currently an airport tax ($5-$10C)if you fly out of the city.

Airlines - National and Regional

  • Air Canada - Canada's National and International Airlines
  • Jazz - National and International
  • JetsGo - National and International
  • Tango - National Discount Carrier
  • Sky Services - Regional and National
  • West Jet - Regional and National Discount
  • CanJet - Discount Carrier
  • Zip - Discount Carrier

Airlines - Regional

  • Alaska Air
  • Harbour Air - To Whistler, Powell River, Tofino, Powell River
  • Horizon Air
  • Kenmore Air - To Victoria

  • Limousine Service

    Airport Shuttle



    You are permitted to turn right on red lights (once you've come to a complete stop and have ascertained the way is clear). British Columbia is very strict in ensuring pedestrians have the right of way, so be alert when driving. Approach crosswalks and street corners with caution. Much of British Columbia is mountainous and driving conditions can deteriorate rapidly. In many areas snow is possible at any time of year. Check for road conditions and closures before setting out.

    Special Note for Drivers Visiting BC

    1)British Columbia is a very mountainous area and during the winter months road closures in some areas are common. Avalanche chutes as well as heavy snow falls are key factors. When you plan your trip inquire about the route and check weather conditions before you go.

    2) British Columbia is criss-crossed by thousands of logging roads, which are often the only access to back country areas. These roads where never intended for private vehicles (which can be damaged) and may present very serious problems with snow, mud ruts and rocks. Many require chains and/or four wheel drive. Roads connected to active logging areas will certainly have logging trucks running through them - proceed with extreme caution or better still - don't!

    3) Logging roads may be closed to private vehicles and many active roads are only open during weekends when the trucks aren't hauling. Contact the "Ministry of Forests" if you plans include travel on any of these roads.

    Car Rental


    Distances / Mileage

      Towns/Cities   Kilometres   Miles  
      Harrison Hot Springs - Vancouver   120km   75 mile  
      Hope - Vancouver   150km   219 mile  
      Kamloops - Vancouver   350km   11C (52F)  
      Powell River - Vancouver*   130km   81 miles  
      Victoria - Vancouver*   70km   44 miles  
      Whistler - Vancouver   125km   78 miles  
      Banff - Vancouver   850km   531 miles  
      Calgary - Vancouver   975km   609 miles  
      Edmonton - Vancouver   1150km   718 miles  
      Jasper - Vancouver   800km   500 miles  
      Seattle - Vancouver   226km   141 miles  
      Portland - Vancouver   500km   313 miles  
      San Francisco - Vancouver   1550km   969 miles  
    * (requires ferry transport)

    Road Conditions

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    British Columbia Road Maps

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    Ferries play a large role in connecting the various regions of British Columbia along the coast and into the islands. In the Coast and Mountain region, exploration of the Sechelt/Sunshine coasts requires ferry crossings unless your willing to fly or boat in. BC's ferry system is excellent, if a little pricey (yes, we know its cheap compared to some areas of the world). Check the web site for rates and sailing times. Be forewarned, in high season on the really popular runs, the spaces sell out quickly and you may have to wait for the next sailing or even the one after that - get the picture.

    Local Ferries Vancouver: The Sea Bus runs from North Vancouver to the north shore of downtown and the Aquabus runs from the downtown areas south shore to Kitsilano. Of course you can take the bridges instead, but that's not as much fun.



    The train ride across the rockies from Banff into Vancouver (or vise-versa) aboard The Canadian, Via Rail's Western Transcontinental, is an awesome introduction to this amazing part of the world. Contact Via for more information. There is also a scenic train from Vancouver to Whistler from BC rail. The main train terminus in Vancouver is on Main Street just up from Georgia in the downtown area.

    There use to be a train, headed by the historic Royal Hudson locomotive, which ran between North Vancouver and Squamish but it was with drawn from service. Indications are that it will be back and will play a part in the 2010 Olympics as well. Have a look at the West Coast Railway Association website for more information.

    • BC Rail - Ride the Rails to Whistler
    • Via - National Passenger Service



    The main terminal in Vancouver is the Pacific Central on Pacific just east of the down town core. The area is serviced by Greyhound and Pacific Coach Lines.


    Banks and Trusts

    Use the banking and trust links to find ATM machines in the Whistler and Vancouver Coast and Mountain region.


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