Bill Layman & Lynda Holland's 2002 trip
La Ronge to Arviat on Hudson Bay - 55 Days and 1000 miles.
  Day #63 Monday August 12, 2002

Well it's all over for another year. We're sitting in Arviat after getting picked up at the mouth of "Big River" by Joe Savikataaq. And I have to tell you I can't say enough good things about Joe. He showed up with tea, pop, chocolate bars, juice and more.

And get this. Joe more than generously asked if we'd like to have bite to eat when we got into town. What do you think we said when we found out it was going to be some caribou? As I write this I am just now finished having my fill of tuk-tu. I'm not sure Joe had any idea how much caribou I could eat at a sitting, but if I offended him he didn't let on.
Joe Savikataaq
  Our plane reservations are for tomorrow at 2:30 and then we are onto the train in Churchill about 10:00 pm. My truck is sitting in Thompson Manitoba so we will be home in La Ronge by Wednesday night. This was a great trip and although it was a real grind the last few weeks, it was more than worth it.

Now where to go next year. The ideas are already rolling around in my head. Somewhere in the barrens or the land of little sticks is all I know at this point.

I hope anyone who followed the trip got a tiny glimmer of what I feel on my time out here. I'll sure do this all again next year if the folks at Out-There will let me. It's been real fun.

THE END - for this year anyway

See You Next Year Bill and Lynda
The Out-There Team
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