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Bill Layman and Lynda Holland came to canoe-tripping late in life. Not finding time to whitewater kayak in Alberta and British Columbia any more – and as well after scaring his wet suit off a few times!! – Bill moved toward canoe tripping at age 40. Lynda, never having canoed at all to speak of, went through what would best be described as "Bill’s mad-dog canoe school" -- her first trip was 25 miles, second 90 miles, third 200 miles – and they are now doing annual trips in the 500 to 600 mile range. Lynda has worked with the Dene of northern Saskatchewan for over 20 years and Bill worked in the mining industry in the same area.  
  Their fascination with this land and its people has led to trips largely into the so-called "Land of Little Sticks" where the Athapaskan Dene Indians still to this day range far and wide in their quest for idthen – caribou. Lately Bill and Lynda have, as well, been venturing further out of Dene territory and into the land of the Inuit – the barrens.
Stories by Bill Layman
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  • Coppermine River, Northwest Territories - by Bill Layman
  • Fond du Lac River, Saskatchewan - by Bill Layman
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  • Thelon River, Northwest Territories/Nunavut - by Bill Layman

      Many thanks to Bill Layman for sharing his experiences with all of us.


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