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Yukon Quest: The 1,000-Mile Dog Sled Race Through the Yukon and Alaska from Whitehorse to Fairbanks. The book provides a close up look at just what's involved in this grueling and exciting event. The author brings to life the difficulties faced by the individuals and their dogs. You'll taste the victories of the winners and share the disappoint of those who fail to finish. The stories weave an exceptional tapestry that is the Yukon Quest through anecdotes, humor and insight. If your a musher, an adventurer or just a dreamer you should thoroughly enjoy the read. Buy it!  
Yukon Quest
Chilkoot Trail
  Chilkoot Trail, Heritage Route to the Klondike - The Chilkoot Trail runs from Dyea in Alaska to Bennett in British Columbia and represented the first major challenge to the prospectors that were drawn to the Yukon by the gold strike at Bonanza Creek. The trail was difficult enough but it was turned into an incredible test of strength, stamina and fortitude by the requirements of the RCMP, that each man entering Canada bound for the gold fields, bring with him a ton of supplies. If your interested in hiking, backpacking or even just visiting this historic site you be well served to get the book before you go. Note: The Chilkoot Trail isn' actually in the Yukon but it is so closely tied to the territories history we including it in this section. Buy it!
The Wind, The Snake and the Bonnet Plume are amongst the Yukon's most legendary paddling rivers, located in what is one of the worlds last great wilderness areas. The author, Ken Madsen, is one of Canada's great modern day explorers and a well known champion of wilderness preservation. The book explores each river's history and cultural significance and provides additional information for those who are planning an expedition or looking for that guided trip of a life time. If you're considering paddling these rivers on your own or with a guiding company, you'll definitely want to pick up a copy of this one before you go. Buy it!  
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The Wind, the Snake and the Bonnet Plume
Whitehorse & Area Hikes & Bikes
  Whitehorse & Area Hikes & Bikes opens with location maps then short sections on orienteering, backcountry safety, and ethics and an introduction to the area. This is followed by over 35 hiking and biking trail descriptions, which include, distances, elevation change, access and approximate time requirements. Natural elements and geological features are often noted. Each description includes a map or topographical map of the trail and the surrounding areas. .The book closes with sections on area weather, nature, ecology as well as contact information, area attractions and a bibliography. Buy it!
Wild Rivers, Wild Lands covers the Peel, Stikine and Alsek-Tatshenshini watersheds in print and beautiful color photos. The stories running these rivers are dramatic and enthralling and will drag you into every aspect of the adventures. Ken Madsen uses this dramatic appeal to make the case for ensuring the survival of this last great wilderness. Buy it!  
Wild Rivers, Wild Lands
Note: As well as "Wild Rivers, Wild Lands" and "The Wind, The Snake and the Bonnet Plume", Ken Madsen is also the author of "Tatshenshini Wilderness Quest" and "Paddling in the Yukon" (a guide to over 60 paddling rivers) . He also co-authors "Under the Arctic Sun: Gwich'In, Caribou, and the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge" with Norma Kassi.

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