1999 Bromont Mountain Bike Downhill and Dual Slalom Race.
Meet some of the riders
  Eric Carter smiling after two podium finishes, 2nd in the dual & 3rd in
the downhill.
  Missy & Marla getting some shelter from the rain before the downhill.
Eric Carter     Missy & Marla    
  Mr. Nicholas Vuloise talks to the press about his first place finish in the Down Hill.   Leigh Donovan waves from her bike during her warm up before the race.
Nicholas Vuloise     Leigh Donovan    
  The two Aussi champs in the dual, Wade Boots & Katrina Miller.   Anne Caroline warming up in the rain while getting hydrated before her race.
Wade Boots & Katrina Miller     Anne-Caroline    
The Canadian, Andrew Shandro and his mechanic
seems to be concentrating on the race as she hides from the rain in the tent.
Watch them ride / Bromont continued