Caving in New Brunswick
White Caves
Hillsborough, NB, Canada
The first 120 meters of the cave is easily explored while the rest is currently plugged with mud and sand. The entrance is found in the side of a sink and has a stream running down the center into a crack in the far wall. The Caledocadie Caving Club has produced an excellent maps including surface feature of the area.

Echo Caves
St. Martins, NB, Canada

Berryton Cave
NB, Canada

Lost Brook Cave
Hillsborough, NB, Canada
Directions: The area is accessed from a dirt road (locally known as the "Underground Lake Road") just south of the abandoned Albert Mine quarry. The road goes over a small hill, up a hill and within two kilometers crosses Wilson Brook. The road is followed in a straight line until it makes a right turn. The lost brook area is to the southeast of this turn — about one kilometer off the road. A painted line is followed to a brook that leads up a stream until the stream splits, this is the Lost Brook valley. Both stream valleys lead to many cave features. It has several interesting passageways and a small waterfall inside the cave.

  Kitt's Cave
Hammonvale, NB, Canada
Directions: The cave is located along the Hammond River just east of Route 111 in Hammondvale, New Brunswick. Walk along the edge of the owners' property and access is through a sinkhole near the river's edge less than 100 meters from the road. The entrance to the cave is found in a patch of forest overlooking the river where the cave collapsed under the weight of the glacier forming a 15-foot deep sinkhole. At the bottom of the sinkhole is a small opening about one and half feet high and two feet wide that is the main entrance to the cave. Also in this area are the Hamilton Cave, Glebe Pot,, Golem's Grotto, Dallings Cave, and the Waterford Ice Caves Map:

Underground Lake Cave
Albert Mines, NB, Canada
Map: The main chamber is approximately half flooded with water and contains an active overflow stream in a small side passage. The cave is found in a line of sinkholes at the base of a 30 meter cliff. The cave is entered by going down a 45 degree scree field.

Sandstone Caves
Bay of Fundy National Park
NB, Canada

Catherine's Cave
NB, Canada