Caving in the Northwest Territories & Nunavut
Wood Buffalo National Park
Fort Smith area
Alberta/NWT, Canada
The Salt River trail has a 7.5 kilometer (4.6 mile) North Loop and a 9
kilometer (5.5 mile) South Loop through terrain having many caves,
sinkholes and underground streams. The park can be reached via the
Mackenzie Highway to Hay River and Highway 5 to Fort Smith which is 36
kilometers (22 miles) east of the park.

White Spray Springs
NWT, Canada

  Kraus Hot Springs
Virginia Falls area
(Departures from Fort Simpson)
NWT, Canada

Rabbitkettle Lake and Hot Springs
Nahanni National Park
NWT, Canada
The 0.7 km trail to the Nahanni River starts at Rabbitkettle Warden
Station at the southeastern end of the lake. Visitors are only allowed
on guided tours, which are offered during July and August