Mount Erskine

Intermediate -Expert, Salt Spring Island Mount Erskine has a network of trials which lead up to the summit where you'll get a great view of Samsun Narrows, Crofton on Vancouver Island and north to Kuper Island. All of the trails intersect at one point and the route can be

a bit confusing so make careful note of landmarks at trail junctions. The two most popular access points are along Collins Road which you can reach from Ganges by following Rainbow Road almost to the end where you pick up Collins Road on the left. Follow Collins and watch for the trail markers on the left and a small parking area is on the right. Another option is to take Juniper Road which branches to the left off Rainbow Road about half way along it's distance. The third option is to follow Fullford Ganges road about 1.5km outside Ganges (approximately 11km from Fulford) then head west (to the right) along Cranberry Road and watch for Toynbee Road just passed Roberts Lake. On Toynbee watch carfully on you're right for the trail marker. Note: This hike is not suitable for children. Stay well back from the edge at the top. For a detailed description of the trails and other Gulf Island hikes pick up a copy of Hiking the Gulf Islands by Charles Kahn available from Harbour Publishing.