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Ottawa is rapidly rapidly gaining a reputation as a city of fine dining. Gourmet's were excited by the opening of Signatures and more recently delighted to welcome Beckta's as a new addtion to the list of fine dining establishments. Beckta's often lauded selection of fine wines, includes a disproportionate (but well deserved) representation of Niagara's finest, giving us even more to cheer about.

The surrounding regions have a number of farmers markets where local produce is offered in season. You'll also find several well known cheese makers such as St. Albert and of course one our favourites Baldersons. In the spring take advantage of the regions many sugar shacks.

Tune in to The Diner Project which has now found it's way to Toronto as well!

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Once upon a time Canadian wines were suitable for cooking - period!. Now with our wineries bringing back gold medals from France, we can bring the bottles out of the kitchen with pride. Wineries are springing up all over the country, inspired by the success of our early pioneers in this area. Ontario's Niagara Peninsula is leading the way and encouraging other regions to follow - with great sucesss, we may add. Take the opportunity to visit one of the wineries, which offer tasting tours and often have wine bars and restaurants, we're sure you'll be impressed. Take note that some of the wineries also have accommodations, ranging from simple B&Bs to rooms in luxurious estates. Make a point of calling ahead for all of the details to avoid disappointment.




Wine Web Sites

  • Wine Dining - Winery listings and columns
  • Wine Route - From the Wine Council of Ontario

    LCBO - Liquer Control Board of Ontario - Wine & Sprits Retail
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Prince Edward County - Restaurants & Nightlife
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