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National Capital Wildlife Festival

Alfred Bog is a Class One Provincially Significant Wetland and southern Ontario's largest at over ten thousand acres. The bog is home to plant species as well as innumerable varieties of birds. Note: It is forbidden to pick or in anyway disturb the plants and animals of the bog. From country road 15 follow Concession 11 to Giroux Road. You'll find a packing lot and an entrance to the bogs boardwalk loop.

Bonnechere Caves - A commercial property with 40 minute guided tours of a network of limestone caves. The site is located in Eganville. From Ottawa follow the 17 north to Renfrew where you pick up the 60 to Eganville.

Ottawa Greenbelt - Ottawa's necklace of green this wonderful mix of forest, field and wetlands provides a natural ring around the the city meeting the Ottawa River to the east and west. Mer Bleue Conservation area in the south has 20km+ of hiking trails where you can practice your nature observation. Stoney Swamp and the Pine Grove Forest area are also great places for an outting. Watch for Grey and Barred Owls, Blue Herons, Beavers, Racoons and even Fox.

Gatineau Park - Ottawa's outdoor playground is a wonderful place for nature observation particulary during the quieter months of the year. Hiking and cross country ski trails are abundant, allowing you to easily explore the park. In the warmer months camping is available.

Rideau National Migratory Bird Sanctuary - Located on the edge of the Rideau River just west of Merrickville this 800 hectare sanctuary is one of Ontario's best birding areas. Watch for Northern Shovelers, Blue Herons and dozens of geese and ducks including the American Black Duck.

Upper Canada Bird Migratory Sanctuary - Part of the Parks of the St Lawrence the park has camping and hiking trails and a birding list with over 200 species to watch for. The park is located on the banks of the St. Lawrence between Cornwall and Morrisburg south of the 401 on RR 2. Friends of the Sanctuary




Parks of the St. Lawrence - Parks of the St. Lawrence

Ivy Lea - Camping
Riverside-Cedar - Camping, Cabins
Upper Canada Migratory Bird Sanctuary (UCMBS) - Camping, Hiking
Glengarry Park - Camping
Long Sault Parkway - Camping (Mclaren, Woodlands & MIlle Roches)
Brown's Bay
Crysler Beach

Upper Canada Bird Migratory Sanctuary
Upper Canada Village
Upper Canada Golf Course
Crysler Park Marina

Ontario Provincial Parks

Camping in Ontario's Provincial Parks
Ontario's Provincial Park Links



Conservation Areas


Cataraqui Region Conservation Authority - Eastern Ontario, Ontario

Little Cataraqui Creek - Kingston
Lemoine Point - City of Kingston
Gould Lake - South Frontenac Township
Lyn Valley - Township of Elizabethtown
Mac Johnson Wildlife Area - Elizabethtown-Kitley/Brockville
Parrott's Bay - Loyalist Township

Mississippi Valley Conservation Authority - Eastern Ontario, Ontario

Purdon Conservation Area
Morris Island Conservation Area
Mill of Kintail Conservation Area

Napanee Conservation Authority (Quinte) - Eastern Ontario, Ontario

Depot Lakes Conservation Area
Dead Creek Wildlife Management Conservation Area
Portland Conservation Area
Colebrook Conservation Area
Camden East Conservation Area
Newburgh Conservation Area
Forest Mills Conservation Area
Napanee Conservation Area
Kingsford Conservation Area

Raisin River Conservation Authority - Eastern Ontario, Ontario

Cooper Marsh Conservation Area
Grey's Creek Conservation Area
Garry River Management Area

Rideau Valley Conservation Authority - Eastern Ontario, Ontario

Dickenson Square Conservation Area - Manotick, Ontario
W.A. Taylor Conservation Area - Manotick, Ontario
Baxter Conservation Area - Manotick, Ontario
Perth Conservation Area - Manotick, Ontario
Rideau Ferry Conservation Area - Manotick, Ontario
Mill Pond Conservation Area - Portland, Ontario
Portland Bay Conservation Area - Manotick, Ontario
Foley Mountain Conservation Area - Manotick, Ontario

South Nation Conservation Authority - Conservation Areas Listed, Berwick, Ontario

Jessup's Falls Conservation Area - Ontario East, Ontario
High Falls Conservation Area - Ontario East, Ontario
St. Albert Conservation Area - Ontario East, Ontario
Cass Bridge Conservation Area - Ontario East, Ontario
W.E. Burton Conservation Area - Ontario East, Ontario



Larose Forest - 11,000 hectares This is the largest forest in eastern Ontario and is strangely enough a man made forest attributed to the work and vision of Ferdinand Larose. The area is mostly made up of wetlands and mixed coniferous and decidous forest. The area has a lot of potential for nature viewing, hiking, cycling (the area is mostly flat) and other outdoor pursuites and is used in the winter for cross country skiing as well as dog sledding. You can spot a large number of bird species in both the wetlands and forests and the area is well know amongst mushroom hunters. Moose are often seen and watch for fox, racoons, coyotes, muskrats and perhaps even a bear or two. The forest is located to the east of Ottawa. The towns of Casselman and Limoge lie just to the south of the forest which is bounded by Bear Brook Creek and the South Nation River. From Ottawa take the 17 south and exit at either Vars or Limoge then head north towards the forest.




  • Bear Brook Creek
  • Bonnechere
  • Clyde River
  • Constant Creek
  • Delisle
  • East Castor
  • Highland Creek
  • Indian
  • Jock
  • Madawaska
  • Mattawa
  • Middle Castor
  • North Castor
  • Payne
  • Opeongo
  • Ottawa
  • Raisin
  • Rideau
  • South Castor
  • South Nation
  • St Lawrence


  • Atkins Lake
  • Bark Lake
  • Barrys Bay
  • Beaver Lake
  • Bellamy Lake
  • Big Bisset Lake
  • Big Clear Lake
  • Big Gull Lake
  • Big Rideau Lake
  • Black Donald Lake
  • Black Lake
  • Bobs Lake
  • Black Diamond Lake
  • Brule Lake
  • Buckshot Lake
  • Buck Lake
  • Burns Lake
  • Bull Lake
  • Calabogie Lake
  • Camden Lake
  • Canonto Lake
  • Carter Lake
  • Carson Lake (Carson Lake Provincial Park)
  • Cataraqui Lake
  • Centennial Lake
  • Charleston Lake (Charleston Lake Provincial Park)
  • Chateau Lake
  • Chippego Lake
  • Christie Lake
  • Clayton Lake
  • Clyde Lake
  • Constant Lake
  • Cranberry Lake
  • Crotch Lake
  • Dalhousie Lake
  • Deerock Lake
  • Desert Lake
  • Devil Lake
  • Dog Lake
  • Eloida Lake
  • Fifth Depot Lake
  • Flower Round Lake
  • Fortune Lake
  • Gananoque Lake
  • Golden Lake
  • Govan Lake
  • Gould Lake
  • Graham Lake
  • Greenborough Lake
  • Graham Lake
  • Grippen Lake
  • Grindstone Lake
  • Haley Lake
  • Hays Bay
  • Highland Lake
  • Holleford Lake
  • Hungry Lake
  • Irish Lake
  • Joeperry Lake (Bon Echo)
  • Kashwakamak Lake
  • Lake Clear
  • Lake Dore
  • Leggat Lake
  • Lime Lake
  • Loch Garry
  • Long Lake
  • Lower Rideau Lake
  • Long Schooner Lake
  • Loughborough Lake
  • Lower Beverly Lake
  • Mackie Lake
  • Mazinaw Lake
  • Maskinonge Lake
  • Merrit Lake
  • Mississagagon Lake
  • Mile Lake
  • Mississippi Lake
  • Mink Lake
  • Mosque Lake
  • Muskrat Lake
  • Norway Lake
  • Negeek Lake
  • Norcan Lake
  • Newborough Lake
  • Odessa Lake
  • Otter Lake
  • Otty Lake
  • Palmerston Lake
  • Patterson Lake
  • Paugh Lake
  • Pike Lake
  • Sand Lake
  • Shabomeka Lake
  • Sharbot Lake (Sharbot Lake Provincial Park)
  • Silver Lake (Silver Lake Provincial Park)
  • Silver Lake (#2)
  • Skootamatta Lake
  • South Lake
  • Sturgeon Lake
  • Syndenham Lake
  • Taylor Lake
  • Three Mile Bay
  • Trout Lake
  • Upper Beverly
  • Varty Lake
  • Wadsworth Lake
  • Waterloo Lake
  • White Lake
  • Whitefish Lake
  • Wilber Lake
  • Windigo Lake
  • Wolfe Lake



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