Mont Tremblant

The resort has a number of outdoor clothing and gear shops such as Explore, Helly Hanson and Tommy & Lefebvre. You can purchase or rent just about any type of equipment in the resort or nearby in Tremblant Village or St Jovite. You'll find lots of outdoor clubs (often with their own trail networks or outdoor facilties) in the surrounding region of the Laurentains. Cross country skiing, hiking, backpacking as well as mountain biking are well respresented. The resort's activity centre can set you up with guides and equipment for just about any activity imaginable, . from climbing, to rafting to hiking and cycling. We've also listed some of the outdoor centres and parks in the surrounding region where you can explore a variety of sports, adventure or the endless intricacies of nature.



  • Aventure Nouveau Monde - (819) 681-4536, Mont Tremblant Resort - Nouveau Monde Rafting
  • Boutique Salomon - (819) 681-5502, Le Johannsen, Mont Tremblant Resort
  • Centre Merrell - Mountain Top, Mont Tremblant Resort
  • Explore! - (819) 681-4684, La Tour de Voyageurs I, Mont Tremblant Resort
  • Helly Hanson - Le Deslauriers, Mont Tremblant Resort
  • Tommy & Lefebvre - Mont Tremblant Resort
  • Yves & Yves Sports - (819) 425-1377, 1908 Ch. du Village, Mont Tremblant Village

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Retailers in the Surrounding Regions


Outdoor Gear and Bike Rentals

  • Tommy & Lefebvre - Mont Tremblant Resort
  • Yves & Yves Sports - (819) 425-1377, 1908 Ch. du Village, Mont Tremblant Village


Outdoor Gear and Bike Rentals in the Surrounding Regions

  • La Cordee - Rents almost all outdoor equipment, Laval
  • Les Excursions Riviere du Nord - Canoe, bicycle, mini-raft rentals, Riviere du Nord, P'tit Train du Nord, Ste-Adele
  • Pause Plein Air - Canoe, Kayak, Bicycle Rentals, P'tit Train du Nord & Riviere du Nord, Val David
  • Phenix Sport - Canoe, Bicycle Rentals, P'tit Train du Nord & Riviere du Nord, Val David, Laurantians


Outdoor and Nature Centres



Adventure Nature - Wentworth, Central Laurentians

Base de la Plein Air des Laurentides - Saint-Faustin-Lac-Carré, Central Laurentians

Centre Touristique et Educatif des Laurentides - Saint-Faustin-Lac-Carré, Central Laurentians

Centre Touristique du Lac-Simon - Camping, Chalets, Beach, Cycling, Hiking, Cross Country Skiing, Snowshoeing, , Upper Laurentians

Nature Morin Heights - Camping and Cabins, Morin Heights, Central Laurentians

Norwood Lodge - Lodge, Hiking, Biking, Rafting, XC Skiing, Outdoor and Conference Centre


Clubs and Associations

Alpine Club of Canada - Montreal Section, Laurentians

Club d'ornithologie de Mirabel - Mirabel, Laurentians

Club ornithologique des Hautes-Laurentides- Laurentians

Club de Plein Air de Saint-Adolphe d'Howard- Laurentians

Club Velo Passion - Ste-Therese, Laurentians

Beaver Tails Nordic Ski Club- Laurentians

Club de Velo de Montagne de Val David- Val David, Laurentians

Viking Ski Club - Morin Heights, Laurentians


Provincial and National Associations

Fédération québécoise de la montagne et de l’escalade (French) - Quebec Climbing Federation

Fédération québécoise du canot et du kayak (French) - Quebec Canoeing Federation

Fédération québécoise de la marche (French) - Quebec Hiking Federation

Fédération Québécoise des Sports Cyclistes - Quebec Cycling Federaion

Velo Quebec - Quebec Cycling

Route Verte - 5000km of cycling paths and routes

L’Association des Vélos en Position Allongée du Québec (AVPAQ)

Alpine Club of Canada

Association of Canadain Mountain Guides

École National d'escalade du Québec

Association des centres de ski de fond du Québec (ACSFQ) - Association of Cross Country Ski Centers in Quebec

Cross Country Canada

Ski de fond Québec

Canadian Recreational Canoeing Association

Alpine Club of Canada


Guides, Outfitters , Schools and Instructors in the Surrounding Regions




Mont Tremblant

Surrounding Regions


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