Ruby Range Adventure
Adventures in the magnificent north

Yukon Territories, Canada

    "Long or short, challenging or tranquil, we offer an array of river trips down several of the Yukonís most beautiful rivers. Ranging anywhere between eight and 21 days, our guides will take you on rivers that have been an integral part of the culture and history of the Yukon for centuries. If what youíre looking for is an opportunity to explore the wilderness of the Yukon and Alaska, but you donít want to miss out on the culture of the region, we offer a variety of roundtrips by van and bus throughout the Yukon and Alaska.
Winter in the Yukon offers lots of options for the adventurer as well. We are sure you will find something to suit your needs. Fully guided canoeing trips on Northern rivers such as Wind, Snake, Teslin, Big Salmon and Yukon, from 8 days to 3 weeks. Adventure tours throughout Alaska, Yukon, Alberta and BC. Guided Fishing Safaris from 3 to 14 days. Operating since 1983."
  Yukon River Guided canoe tour down the Yukon River (13 days/12 nights from/to Whitehorse): This classic canoe trip down the Yukon from Carmacks to Dawson City is specially tailored for visitors who like to travel far away from tourists routes, following the trail of the old history. Special canoeing skills are not required. The tour starts in Carmacks on the Yukon River with the compass needle set north, and we pass many relicts of the historic gold rush of 1898.  
The expedition travels over 400 kilometers on this mighty river, exploring several abandoned settlements such as Fort Selkirk. Camps are set up on the gravel & sand banks of the mighty river where one can enjoy a refreshing bath in the Yukon. Black bears are quite common in the Yukon valley and are often seen by our guests. Watch the ridges of the cliffs along the river to spot the busy mammal. Moose are numerous in the forested foothills, and bald eagles nest along the river banks. Beavers are busy getting their winter supplies in, and several times we have seen grizzly bears strolling along the shoreline. The only major interruption to the rivers smooth journey is the mighty Five Finger Rapids, once a major navigation problem for the large paddle wheelers. Around the camp fire we will hear about the solution found for this problem and some interesting stories about the first river travelers. At the confluence of the Yukon and Klondike rivers we find the settlement of Dawson City, the famous gold rush town of the Yukon. We stay two days in Dawson, relax in a fine hotel and relive the history of the gold rush and the tales of Jack London and Robert Service.
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Supported Activities: Canoeing, hiking, backpacking, dog sledding, fishing and gold rush tours

Guided Areas: Wind, Snake, Teslin, Big Salmon and Yukon Rivers, Yukon, British Columbia and Alaska

Trip Length: 8 -21 days

Years Established: Since 1983

Additional Services: Shuttle service and canoe & camping outfitting/equipment rentals

Reservations: (867) 667-2209