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Reginald Hill
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Reginald Hill

Reginald Hill isn't one of the islands parks but it still merits a web page. The hike up the hillside is steep in sections and good footware is recommended. The view over Fulford Harbour and surroundings is exceptional and well worth the climb. To the north you see Mount Maxwell, to the west Mount Bruce (Salt Spring's highest peak), along with Hope Hill and Mount Tuam. Looking south you'll see a swath of islands, many of which make up a part of Gulf Islands National Park. As the trail opens up at the top you'll find a great place for a picnic on a sunny summers day. There are an array of rock ledges where you can spread out a blanket and just revel in the day. Fulford has restaurants and bakeries where you can pick up the makings of a lunch to go.


Note: This hike is not suitable for children. Stay well back from the edge at the top. For a detailed description of the trail and other Gulf Island hikes pick up a copy of Hiking the Gulf Islands by Charles Kahn available from Harbour Publishing.

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Getting Here

From the Fulford ferry exit turn right along Morningside Road and follow it to the end, where you'll find a small parking area on you're right. Put on your boots and head up towards the sub-division and watch for the trail marker on your left. From Ganges head south on Fulford Ganges Road to Fulford Harbour. As you enter Fulford head east on Morningside Road just before the ferry terminal.



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