Climbing in Mount Robson Provincial Park

This mountain is known as the Monarch of the Rockies and is by no means, a climb for anyone but the most seasoned mountaineers. It is a serious 3000 meters vertical from Kinney Lake to the summit. There is no easy way to the top of Mt. Robson, and weather is often a real concern for climbers.

Mount Robson is a world renown climbing destination.
  Unexpected changes in weather and snow conditions, heavy snowfalls, avalanches, icefall and rockfall can persist throughout the climbing season. It has often turned back parties of climbers.

As like so many other majestic peaks of the world, Mount Robson has a great history of mountaineering. The First attempted to climb to the summit was in 1907, but it was not until 1913 that Conrad Kain, W.W. Foster and A.H. McCarthy challenged it and won.

At 3,954 meters, Mount Robson is not the highest peak in Canada, but few mountains anywhere in the world offer almost 3,000 meters of pure assent, and this entices the best mountaineers. Today, climbers from around the world come to the park to try to bag this beautiful peak.

Only experienced mountaineers with proper equipment, ice axes, climbing boots, crampons, prusiks, ascenders and emergency overnight equipment, etc. should attempt to climb this mountain.

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