A young grizzly bear, busy looking for berries in Robson Provincial Park
Wildlife in
Mount Robson Provincial Park

Mount Robson Park is a great place for nature lovers and people who what to get a glimpse of some of Canada's most amazing animals.

  With approximately 42 species of mammals, and 182 species of birds recorded in the park, it is one of Canada best natural habitats. You might see golden eagles flying above or elk roaming in the eastern region near the provincial border and near the Lucerne campground. Moose may be seen in the marshes at the east end of Moose Lake, while mountain goats, grizzly bear and mule deer make their homes near the rock slides on the north side of the highway and Yellowhead Lake. Don't forget your binoculars if you're looking to see these large animals in their high altitude surroundings. Small animals like the marmot, muskrat, beaver, squirrels and chipmunks, live at lower elevations.

Mount Robson Park even has what's called the ‘Bird Blitz" which takes place in June of each year. Bird enthusiasts from far and wide come to enjoy the beautiful spring scenery as well as the opportunity to observe and count the parks incredible bird population.

Just outside of the park is the Robert W. Starrat Wildlife Sanctuary. This sanctuary has 6 km of trails and walkways and towers for observing wildlife. There is a Ducks Unlimited project implemented since 1983 to enhance waterfowl habitat., The 600 acre sanctuary provides an interesting walk along dikes and through a large marsh and adjacent woodlands.
Watch out for grouse, who will often be in tall the grass just off trails.
  You can even view the bird and animal life by canoe in the waterways of the sancutary when the water levels are good.
  There are a good deal of valleys in the Robson Provincial park that have no routes or trails which cut down significantly of human visitation. This allows some of the larger wilderness-loving animals of the Rockies to live in peace like the Grizzly Bears, Caribou and wolf etc.

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