Berg Lake trail
Mountain Biking in Mount Robson Provincial Park

Remember that you are in bear country, and safety and a knowledge of backcountry travel and maps are essential.

The color of the glacier fed Robson River is an unreal turquoise blue and yes, the water is as cold as it looks.
  There is a spectacular section of the Berg Lake Trail that takes you along the Robson River for 7 km to the north end of Kinney Lake. The trail follows the river for most of the way and you cant help but notice the turquoise blue color of the glacier fed river as it roars down along the trail. Once you arrive at Kinney Lake and if you're lucky with the weather, you will never forget the fantastic view of mountain and glacier reflecting in the calm water. It's a classic shot of British Columbia beauty. You are advised to wear bells while biking to warn animals that you are approaching, particularly bears!
There is no mountain biking permitted beyond the north end of Kinney Lake for safety reasons. You'll find a bike rack located at Kinney Lake should you wish to lock up your bike and continue on foot. You may encounter horses on this trail, please dismount and allow any horses to pass

There are also a number of campground roads to explore in the Robson Meadows Campground and the Robson River Campground. In the Corridor There is the Trans Mountain Pipeline right-of-way on the south side of the Fraser River that allow mountain biking. You can access this trail not far from the Visitor Information Centre at the base of Mount Robson

Berg Lake Trail
  Map Information

A contoured map (with an approximate scale of 1:125000) of Mount Robson Provincial Park is available from Maps BC, Parliament Buildings, Victoria, BC V8V 1X5.

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