Salt Spring Apple Festival

It should come as no surprise that the festival is mainly focused on apples. What may surprise you is that Salt Spring was the fruit producing capital of the province, before the Okanagan grabbed that title. The copious quantities of water available for irrigation, along with a warmer growing season turned the tide for the interior. In all this, Salt Spring was left with a prize, not well known or widely appreciated, hundreds of varieties of heritage apples. Apples are not unlike grapes, in that there are many different varieties with untold variations in character and taste. Unlike grapes, apple growers have moved towards uniformity and single varieties are often grown for shipping and storage characteristics, rather than taste. Salt Spring is playing a role in bringing back some of the forgotten varieties and adding to the natural diversity available for future generations. 



If your visiting the festival you'll get a opportunity to see, hear about and and of course taste the heritage varieties still grown on the island. Apples in all their wonderful guises, from slices, to  juice, to vinegar, to baked goods are showcased, along with demonstrations and tours. A wide variety of farms and orchards are open to the public allowing tours of the islands wonderful properties.

While heritage apples are at the heart of the festival it doesn't stop there. Salt Spring has an abundance of small farms and cottages producing a wide variety of products. From the "Bread Ladys" excellent baked goods to the remarkable cheeses from Moonstruck and Salt Spring Cheese, you'll find a broad spectrum of locally raised and produced items, most of which are  made most of which are organic. In many ways the festival is really a celebration of the harvest and way of giving thanks for natures bounty as exemplified by the heritage apples of the island. 

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Organic Pizza Bread Lady
Salt Spring Cheese Shop
Cheese Makes Salt Spring Cheese
Chicken Coupe Salt Spring Cheese Small
Apple Barn Cusheon Cove Park
Natural Canopy Beddis Castle
Pressing Apples Purdy-Inglin Farm
Salt Spring Island Apple Festival


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Salt Spring Island is accessible only by water or air. Regular scheduled ferry service is available from Swartz Bay (Victoria) or Crofton (Duncan) on Vancouver Island as well as from Tsawwassen (Vancouver) on the lower mainland of British Columbia. A short hop in a small plane will also take you to the island from Victoria, Vancouver or even Seattle. Many people access the area (particularly in the summer) by private boat as well. Victoria can be accessed from Washington State via regularly scheduled ferry service.


Fulford Hall is located on Fulford Ganges Road just up from the Fulford Ferry Terminal (Swartz Bay/Victoria). If you arrive at another point on the island head into Ganges, the main village, and follow Fulford Ganges Road south to the hall.  Salt Spring Island Map

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