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There's always something happening on Salt Spring. Art shows, pop performances, classical recitals, tours, festivals and fairs. Hardly a day goes by without something that captures your interest. Art Spring is the main venue for perfoming arts. It runs the gambit from classical, to rock to experimental dance to modern theatre. Acts from all over the world end up on the islands stage and appreciative audiences pack the hall. You'll also find a wide variety of visual arts on display in house as well. You should also have a look at what might be playing at Mahon, Fulford and Beaver Point Hall. Restaurants and bars are other active partners in supporting the arts. With artists work lining the walls and musical acts taking the floor, patrons are surrounded by culture. Some of the places to check out are the Tree House Cafe, Mobys Pub, Barbs Buns and Harbour House Hotel but be aware the the list is always changing.


Of course you'll find a number of art galleries on island along with artists studios which are open to the public at a variety of times in the year. The Saturday Market is also an opportunity to view islanders work and watch them perform in the markets isles or under the canopy in Centennial Park.

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