What They're Saying About Us - Our Audience
To: out-there.com
From: Paul Monical
Subject: Congratulations!


I just wanted to say that your site has given me literally the most useful
WEB experience to date! My girlfriend and I are planning a trip to the
Assiniboine area. There is so much information, I am laughing!!!
Thank you so much for the clearly substantial site.

Paul Monical"

From: "Jean-Pierre Brunet"
Subject: Re: Out There Listing - Save Our Seine, River Environment Inc.

Thank-you for your listing and for creating one of Canada's best web sites.
Simply awesome!

JP Brunet

From: Joe&Mary Laird
Subject: more info

"I located your page in the Net Life magazine and heartily congratulate
you on your coverage of the Canadian outdoor experience you provide an
excellent picture. CARRY ON THE GOOD WORK!!

All the best Joe Laird"

From: "Jack Sanders"
Subject: Your website appears in new book


I thought you would like to know that a description of your Out There Web site has been included in a new book, just published by McGraw-Hill. In fact, there are two entries for your site -- one in a sidebar for "Cool Sites." The book is called "Internet Outdoor Family Fun Yellow Pages: The Online Guide to the Best Outdoor Family Sites." Your site was included in the book because its pages were judged to have valuable information that would be useful to families who are looking for and planning outdoors activities and adventures. You can learn more about the book at:

I hope the book helps draw more people to your fine site!
--Jack Sanders (the author)

Organization: Lakehead University
Subject: Your site...

"Hello there. My name is Evan Duff and I'm in my third year of the
outdoor rec. parks and tourism program at Lakehead University. I just
wanted to say that you guys have done a great job putting the site
together. The info in the site has helped me out in a countless number
of assingments. Thanks!!!!"


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