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FreshAir Adventure

"Out There - The Canadian Out-Door Directory: The most comprehensive
listing of Canadian out-door related activities on the net!"

H20 Adventures

"We very much appreciate the link. You've got an amazingly
informative web site going-a great resource for outdoors people."

Great Lakes Sea Kayaking Association

"Out There: A comprehensive outdoor directory for backcountry activities and travel in Canada."

Gibraltar Climbing

"I just thought I'd let you know so you can keep your great list up to date.




"Your site is terrific, and certainly has very extensive listings. It's good

to see such an extensive site that focuses on Canada resources, too.Thanks,"

Gary Jones

Moletracks Online Catalog

"I was browsing your "gear guide". Very impressive!"

Best regards,

Linda Caron

Moletracks Expedition Quality Backpacks & Accessories

"Out There - The Canadian Outdoor Directory. Canadian and US listings of over

16,000 parks, manufacturers, guides and retailers. Also features an extensive gear


Sirius Wilderness Medicine

Hi Inga,

Congratulations on "Out There" - bigger and better than ever. I have told
lots of people about it and always receive great feedback. I hope that
some of it reaches you from time to time.
Keep up the good work.


Gear Up For Outdoors Ltd.

Very Impressive Work!
I have not visited your site in some time, but had a few moments to spare
today and thought I would mention how impressed I was with the excellent
caliber of information which you have put together.
We would love a link from our Home Page of Gear Up For Outdoors to your
page if you would like to consider it, as we have alot of interest in our
home page with many hits a month. Please advise

Jon Wynn
Gear Up For Outdoors Ltd.

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