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    Canada has a wealth of employment opportunities for outdoor enthusiasts and nature lovers. Parks, resorts, conservation and wildlife areas are a few of the possible possibilities in these areas. There are career opportunities, as well as temporary or seasonal possibilities, with a wide range of jobs, and a variety of responsibilities available to match the broadest spectrum of skills.
Parks and conservation areas hire summer employees for interpretation, assisting visitors, booking campsites and a broad range of other jobs. Biology and environmental students have the opportunity to assist in wildlife or ecology studies. If your looking to land a job at one of Canada's numerous resorts, the variety of opportunities ranges from hospitality management, to cooking, serving, cleaning or even general handy work. If you have the skills (certification is becoming increasingly important) you might want to apply for the best job we know of - guiding in the outdoors. Whether rafting, canoeing, backpacking or climbing, getting paid for what you love to do, has just gotta be it!

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    We arrived at Wasaga Beach early, really early, long before the throngs (or thongs for that matter), and found ourselves with a little time to meditate and take in the quiet splendor of the long sandy beach and its exquisite surroundings . After taking a few pictures, what popped into the view finder but a prime example of the areas wild life. Not in the least bit shy, we were able to approach within a few yards without instigating a retreat. Indigenous species are not always so easy to observe, and we counted ourselves lucky to have this perfect opportunity for study and observation.
Unfortunately, we had other responsibilities, which prevented us from recording the courtship rituals, which were sure to follow as the female members of the species descended on the area as the sun worked its way over the horizon.
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