Nature - Central Ontario North
  • Bailey Creek - Central Ontario North
  • Beaver River - 20km (river length 40km), Beginner-Intermediate, single day, linear, Kimberley - Heathcote, MNR Owen Sound, Book:"Canoe Routes of Ontario", McClelland and Stuart - Central Ontario North
  • Big East River Route - Central Ontario North
  • Big Head River - Central Ontario North
  • Black River - Canoe Route 21km, 2 days, 6 portages, linear, Cottage Country Canoe Routes, Boston Mills Press, 1993 - Central Ontario North
  • Coates River - Central Ontario North
  • Mill Creek - Central Ontario North
  • Moon River - Moon River-Musquash River Canoe Route, Access at the bottom of the falls at Bala, MNR Bracebridge, Muskoka Region, Central Ontario North
  • Muskoka River - Muskoka River Canoe Route (South Branch) - 42km, 11 portages, linear, Access from Baysville off Hwy 117, Book: Cottage Country Canoe Routes, MNR Bracebridge, Muskoka Region, Central Ontario North- "Canoe Routes of Ontario", McClelland and Stuart, Central Ontario North
  • Nine Mile River(Southwestern Ontario) - Central Ontario North
    North River - Central Ontario North
  • Nottawasaga River - "Canoe Routes of Ontario", McClelland and Stuart, Central Ontario North
  • Pine River - Central Ontario North
  • Rankin River - 18km 5-7hrs, Beginner-Intermediate, Sky Lake - Sauble Falls
  • Rosseau River - Central Ontario North
  • Sauble River - Central Ontario North
  • Saugeen River - Canoe Route 102km, 3-4 Days, Hanover - Southamton. A small number of short portages mostly around dams, the river travels from Hanover, through Walkerton and Paisley to Southhampton on Lake Huron, Saugeen Valley Conservation Authority (Pamphlet), Book:"Canoe Routes of Ontario", McClelland and Stuart - Central Ontario North
  • Sheldon Creek (Festival Country) - Central Ontario North
  • Snake Creek - Central Ontario North
  • South Pine River (Southwestern Ontario) - Central Ontario North
  • Syndenham River - Central Ontario North
  • Teeswater River - Central Ontario North
  • Willow Creek - Central Ontario North


Arran Lake - Central Ontario North
Bass Lake - Central Ontario North
Bella Lake - Central Ontario North
Berfor Lake - Central Ontario North
Boat Lake - Central Ontario North
Couchiching - Central Ontario North
Deer Lake - Central Ontario North
Echo Lake - Central Ontario North
Eugenia Lake - Central Ontario North
Fox Lake - Central Ontario North
Francis Lake - Central Ontario North
Gibson Lake - Central Ontario North
Go Home Lake - Central Ontario North
Kahshe Lake - Central Ontario North
Lake Joseph (Rainbow Country) - Central Ontario North
Lake Rosseau - Central Ontario North
Lake of Bays - Central Ontario North
Lake Muskoka - Central Ontario North
Lake Simcoe - Central Ontario North
Lake Vernon - Central Ontario North
Long Lake - Central Ontario North
Mary Lake - Central Ontario North
Miller Lake - Central Ontario North
Mountain Lake - Central Ontario North
Orr Lake - Central Ontario North
Riley Lake - Central Ontario North
Skeleton Lake - Central Ontario North
Sky Lake - Central Ontario North
Sparrow Lake - Central Ontario North
Spry Lake - Central Ontario North
Tasso Lake - Central Ontario North

Waterfalls & Rapids

  • Bala Falls - Center of Town, Bala, Muskoka
  • Bracebridge Falls - Bay Park, Bracebridge, Muskoka
  • Cooper Falls - Off District Road 6, Severn Bridge, Muskoka
  • Dee Bank Falls - 3km to the east of Windermere, Muskoka
  • Eugenia Falls - 23m falls, hiking trails. From Hwy. 10 pick up the 4 at Flesherton and head east to the 13. Follow the 13 north to the outskirts of the Town of Eugenia where you'll find the conservation area. The Conservation Area provides access to the Bruce Trail. Grey County
  • High Falls - Off Hwy. 11, about a half a kilometre north of Bracebridge, Muskoka
  • Indian Falls - 15m falls in the shape of a horseshoe, hiking trails, Grey County
  • Inglis Falls - 18m falls, hiking and cross country skiing trails. From Owen Sound follow Second Avenue East south from 10th Street to the split where you'll pick up Inglis Falls Road. The Conservation Area provides access to the Bruce Trail. Grey County
  • Jones Falls - 12m. Pottawatomi Conservation Area along the Bruce Trail
  • Muskoka Falls - Off Muskoka Road 37 from Hwy. 11 outside Bracebridge, Muskoka
  • Oxtongue River Rapids - Hwy. 60, 5km to the east of Dwight, Muskoka
  • Port Sydney Falls - Indian Landing Park, Port Sydney, Muskoka
  • Rosseau Falls - Hwy 141 between Bent River and Rosseau, Muskoka
  • Tretheway Falls - Tretheway Falls Road off Hwy. 118 east, Muskoka
  • Wilson Falls - River Road, a few kilometres north of Bracebridge, Muskoka


  • Bruce County Birding Reports - Bruce County
  • Bruce Peninsula Bird Observatory - Bruce Peninsula, Bruce County
  • Canadian Peregrine Foundation - Owen Sound, Grey County
  • Huron Fringe Birding Festival - MacGregor Point, Bruce County

    Bracebridge Lagoons - Birding, hiking and cross country skiing. This is reputed to be one of the best birding areas in the Muskokas. Songbirds and warblers are plentiful in the spring and fall, while the summer sees a wealth of shorebirds and waterfowl. The area has an observation tower. Head north on the 400 to the 11 split. Take the exit at Muskoka Falls and head west, then turn left on the 16 to James Kerr Park. The lagoons are just up the hill. Muskoka

    Bruce Peninsula - Over 175 species have been recording nesting on the Peninsula. The eastern shores near the north of the peninsula have a wide variety of waterfowl, particularly in the spring. In the early spring, you can observe Osprey and Bald Eagle as the peninsula provides a land corridor to migrating raptors. Bruce County

    Bognor Marsh - 620 ha, hiking, This mix of forest and wetlands has a boardwalk as well as an observation tower. Species you're likely to see include Pied-billed Grebes, Black Crowned Night Herons, Terns and Bitterns. Follow Highway 10 north to Rockford just south of Owen's Sound, then head east on the 18 passed the turnoff for Heath Head to Concession Road 4. The marsh is located on the north side of the 18. Grey County

    MacGregor Point Provincial Park - Friends of MacGregor Point hold the Huron Fringe Birding Festival each Spring. The park has varied habitat including wetlands, forest and shoreline. There is a Ducks Unlimited pond with observation tower. Species you're likely to observe include Pied-billed Grebes, Caspian Terns, Black Crowned Night Herons, Blue Herons, Mallards, Wood Ducks, Black Ducks and Red Shouldered Hawks. Bruce County

    Nottawasaga Island Nature Sanctuary - The island has restricted access but birders can take advantage of the Silver Creek Wetlands to observe some of the islands nesting species, which include Great Egrets, Northern Pintails and a variety of Herons and Mergansers. Located off shore in Nottawasaga Bay about 3km west of Collingwood. Take the 400 passed Barrie and pick up the 26 to Collingwood. Simcoe County

Nature and Outdoor Centres

  • Bracebridge Resource Management Centre - Mountain Biking, Cross Country Skiing The trails are located about 8km north of Bracebridge on the east side of the 11 about 2.5km passed the intersection with 117. Bracebridge, Muskoka
  • Buckwallow Cycle Centre/KOA Nordic - Mountain Biking, Cross Country Skiing. From exit 175 north of Gravenhurst follow Doe Lake Road east to the Gravenhurst Parkway, then take a left, the entrance is a very short distance from the intersection. Gravenhurst, Muskoka.
  • The Escarpment Centre
  • Hardwood Hills - Mountain Biking, Cross Country Skiing. Take exit 111north of Barrie on Highway 400 and head east on Doran Road, head east again for about 5km along Edgar to the center. Simcoe County
  • Mansfield Outdoor Centre - Mountain Biking, Cross Country Skiing. From the 401 take highway 400 north and exit at highway 89 west. Take Dufferin Road 18 north to the center. Simcoe County
  • Muskoka Wildlife Centre - Mukoka
  • Scenic Caves Nature Preserve - Caves, caverns and hiking trails, Collingwood, Simcoe County
  • Tiffin Centre of Conservation
  • Wye Marsh Wildlife Center - Provincial Wildlife Area located just to the southeast of Midland, Simcoe County

Provincial Parks

Conservation Areas


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