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The Tremblant Region includes the resort at the base of Mont Tremblant, the nearby towns of Saint Jovite and Mont Tremblant and the surrounding area in the heart of the Laurentians which encompasses Lac Superior, Saint-Faustine - Lac-Carre, Brebeuf, Arundel, Labelle, La Conception, Saint-Remi-D'Amberst, Vendee and Val-des-Lac. The area also encompasses Mont Tremblant Provincial Park which lies on the far side of the Mountain from the resort.
Map of the Laurentian Region


Mont Tremblant is about 125km north of Montreal in the Laurentian Region. This area is Montreal's playground, with hundreds of lakes, rivers, mountains and everywhere you look cottages. Montrealer's in weekend party mode are a dangerous lot and hundreds of exceptional restauarants and bars have been scattered all over the region to allow them to exercise their passion and safe guard the rest of the world. Ski centers are everywhere, cross country and hiking trails exceed a thousand kilometres in length, with hundreds of kilometers of bike paths, such as the P'tit Train du Nord and the Aerobic Corridor. These are just a few of the regions outdoor venues . The Laurentians is also home to Quebecs most popular park, Mont Tremblant Provincial Park. The park currently has two major canoe routes (rumour has it, a lot more are planned for 2005), dozens of hiking trails, mountain biking, lake canoeing and over 1000 camp sites just waiting for you. In the winter backcountry and cross country skiing, along with snowshoeing are a huge draw.

Further south you'll find Oka Provincial Park, with excellent camping, hiking, cross country skiing, mountain biking and arguably the Laurentians finest beaches. There are also two other fine nature parks in the form of the Parc Doncaster outside Sainte-Adele, and our favourite for a days outing, the Parc du la Riviere du Nord, which surrounds the beautiful Chutes Wilson, just outside Saint-Jerome.

Quebec Tourism - Out-There's Quebec

Tourism Mont Tremblant

The tourism information centre is located in the Mont Tremblant Region between the resort, the Village of Mont Tremblant and Saint-Jovite. The centre is open all year round. The resort has two information kiosks for visitors as well at the top and bottom of the resort.

Laurentians Tourism

If your driving from Montreal you can get additional information on your way at the Laurentians Tourism office, which is just off Highway 15. Their addess is as follows:

Association touristique des Laurentides
14 142, rue de la Chapelle
Mirabel, Quebec
J7J 2C8
(514) 990-5625

Tourism Montreal

In Montreal tourism information is available at:

Quebec Tourism Information Center - In Montreal
Infotourist Centre
1001 du Square Dorchester St, Suite 100

Tel: (514) 873-2015 1 877-266-5687
Fax: (416) 314-5901


Festivals, Events & Attractions

Mont Tremblant hosts a wide variety of festivals and events throughout the year. From the ever popular Symphony of Colours in the Fall, to the widely acclaimed International Blues Festival, and for budding scientists and wide eyed star gazers, Tremblant Beneath the Stars. The Fall Wine and Gourmet Festival celebtrates Quebec's regional produce and all it brings to fine Cuisine. For the adventure sport enthusiast the resort sponsors the Quebec Cup mountain bike races, abd the Raid the North adventure race, as well as several major snowboard and ski events.

In the surrounding Laurentian region you'll find a wide variety of world class happenings, including the Canadain Ski Marathon and the Blainville International Classic, a not to be missed event for the equestrian crowd.


Tremblant Region

Surrounding Area



The resort has two world class courses, while several more are just a short distance away and can be accessed by shuttle or car.

At the Resort

Mont Tremblant Region

Business & Conference Centers

The resort has a conference center onsite and of course you'll find everything you could need within the village for almost any type or size of gathering. The fact that the village is self contained is a great boon to groups which want to focus on business during the day and intermingle in a relaxed atmoshphere at night without having to wander far.

Grey Rocks and Club Tremblant can also accommodate your business group. Further afield you'll find the surrounding Laurentains region to have a wide variety of locations available that cater to every busy need.

You can send and receive faxes at the reception at the Lodge de la Montagnes, Les Cedres, La Tour des Voyageurs and the Kandahar.

Spas, Gyms & Health Centers

The resort has its own gym and health center in the Aquaclub La Source, as well as the Amerispa at the Fairmont Tremblant inquire for details. In Mont Tremblant you'll also find the Spa Le Scandinave and the Spa sur le Lac. Nearby in Saint-Faustin-Lac-Carre there is the Centre de Sante Sonia Blanchard.

At the Resort

Beaches & Swimming

Mont Tremblant Resort

The resort has pools as well as well as a private beach area for guests just opposite of the St-Bernard Chapel. On the lake you'll find a day care, a bar and a snack bar.You'll find the Plage du lac Mercier in Mont Tremblant Village.

Mont Tremblant Region

  • Mont Tremblant Provincial Park - There are a number beaches in the park
  • Lac Mercier - Mont Tremblant Village


  • Baskatong Reservoir - Ferme-Neuve, Antoine-Labelle
  • Grand Lac Nomininque - Chemin des Sureaux, Lac Nomininque, Antoine-Labelle
  • Lac Campion - Notre-Dame-du-Laus, Antoine-Labelle
  • Lac Carre - rue du la Plage, Saint-Faustin - Lac Carre
  • Lac des Sables - Chemin du Tour-du-Lac, Ste-Agathe
  • Lac des Sources - Des Ruisseaux, Antoine-Labelle,
  • Lac Laurel - Chemin de la Plage, Wentworth, Pays-d'en-Haut
  • Lac Masson - Sainte-Margarite-du-Lac-Masson, Pays-d'en-Haut
  • Lac Raymond - Chemin du la Gare, Val Morin
  • Lac Rond - Chemin Chantecler, Ste-Adele, Pays-d'en-Haut
  • Lac St-Joseph - Chemin du Village, Saint-Adolph-du-Howard, Pays-d'en-Haut
  • Lac Tiberiade - Boul du Camping, Antoine-Labelle
  • Morin-Heights Municipal Beach - Morin Heights, Pays-d'en-Haut
  • Municipal Camping Beach - Ottawa River, Chatham
  • Oka Provincial Park - The park has a beautiful long sandy beach
  • Papineau Labelle Wildlife Reserve


Out-There's Mont Tremblant Accommodations

Out-There's Laurentians Accommodations Listings

Out-There's Montreal Accommodations Listings

Restaurants Bars and Night Clubs

Out-There's Mont Tremblant Restaurant and Bar Listings

Out-There's Laurentians Restaurant and Bar Listings

Out-There Montreal Restaurant and Bar Listings

Brew Pubs & Micro Breweries

  • Microbrasserie La Diable - Brew Pub/Restaurant, Mont Tremblant Resort (819) 681-4546
  • Micorbrasserie du Lievre - Micobrewery (819) 623-1622, Mont Laurier
  • Microbrasserie Sainte-Arnould - Microbrewery, (819) 425-1262, Laurentides, Pays-d'en-Haut, Laurentians, Quebec


The resort has several maps available for free at the information kiosks along with brochures and information on the resort. The Mont Tremblant tourism office also provides regional guides and maps as well as fliers and brochures for the broader Laurentian region.

Ski Trail Map
Cross Country Ski Map
Mountain Bike Map
Hiking Map



If you're idea of hostelling is pulling up a piece of the rug, in an urban fallout shelter, with a dozen strangers - think again. Hostels range from a place to unroll your sleeping bag, to something approaching resort like accommodations, in beautiful settings with you're own private room. Prices are still unbeatable and the company is usually interested and interesting world travelers. If you're a boarder or skier take note, there are hostels in most of the major resort areas throughout the country.

  • Mont Tremblant Hostel -Located between the resort and Mont Tremblant Village, just follow the road to the village from the resort and you'll see it on your right as you enter town.
  • Le Chateau Beaumont - From the 117 exit Val David and take Doncaster through town and turn left on Beaumont.


  Regional Tourism, Cities Towns and Chamber of Commerce - The Tremblant Region is made up of the resort at the base of the mountain, Mont Tremblant Village, Saint-Jovite and we like to throw in Mont Tremblant Provincial Park on the far side of the mountain just for good measure. The surrounding region includes Arundel/Huberdeau, Saint-Remi, Saint-Faustin - Lac Carre, La Conception, Val-des-Lacs, Vendee, Labelle and La Conception.
The broader region is known as the Laurentians, which streatches from north of Tremblant to the Montreal-Laval region in the south. To the west the area is bounded by the Outaouisand in the east you'll find the Lanaudiere region.
Laurentians Region - Map

For information on getting around visit our Transportation Section.

Weather & Climate


The Mont Tremblant Region has moderate summers, with warm days and cool nights. In the winter the temperatures can reach -30°C or more but usually are more moderate. In the southern reaches of the Laurentians region summer temperatures can streatch to the other end of the scale and can exceed 30°C for extended periods. As you move north the temperature generally declines. Of course the same is true of the winter months and the north areas of the region tend to seen more arctic air than the south.If you love snow you'll usually find lots of it, particularly in the northern Laurentains which get great heaps of the white stuff.

Spring - pants, rain gear, long sleeve shirt, a sweater and a medium to heavy weight jacket.

Summer - bring pants, shorts, tee, rain gear, a sweater and jacket.

Fall - pants, rain gear, long sleeve shirt, a sweater and a medium to heavy weight jacket.

Winter - pants, sweater, long johns (if your playing outside you should layer), a good winter coat and warm boots


Mont Tremblant Resort

Cities, Towns, Regions & Counties

Mont Tremblant Region

Surrounding Region

  • Arundel
  • La Conception
  • Huberdeau
  • Labelle
  • La Conception
  • Saint-Faustin - Lac Carre
  • Saint-Remi
  • Val-des-Lacs
  • Vendee


  • Bellefeuille - Laurentiens, Quebec
  • Blainville - (Montreal) Laurentiens, Quebec
  • Boisbriand - (Montreal) Laurentiens, Quebec
  • Estérel - (Montreal) Laurentiens, Quebec
  • Deux-Montagnes - (Montreal) Laurentiens, Quebec
  • Lac-des-Iles - (Montreal) Laurentiens, Quebec
  • Lantier - (Montreal) Laurentiens, Quebec
  • Lachute - (Montreal) Laurentiens, Quebec
  • Laval - (Montreal) Laurentiens, Quebec
  • Labelle - Laurentiens, Quebec
  • Lorraine - (Montreal) Laurentiens, Quebec
  • Mille-Isles - (Montreal) Laurentiens, Quebec
  • Mirabel - Laurentians, Quebec
  • Mont Laurier - Laurentians, Quebec
  • Mont Saint Saveur - The buselling center of the Laurentiens, great skiing, restaurants and bars - (Montreal) Laurentiens, Quebec
  • Mont Tremblant - Described as the number one ski destination in eastern north america - (Montreal) Laurentiens, Quebec
  • Morin-Heights - (Montreal) Laurentiens, Quebec
  • Oka - Laurentiens, Quebec
  • Piedmont - (Montreal) Laurentiens, Quebec
  • Pine Hill - (Montreal) Laurentiens, Quebec
  • Prévost - (Montreal) Laurentiens, Quebec
  • Rosemère - (Montreal) Laurentiens, Quebec
  • Saint-Adolph-d'Howard - (Montreal) Laurentiens, Quebec
  • Saint Agathe - A quaint vacation area with great restuarants and bars - (Montreal) Laurentiens, Quebec
  • Saint-Antoine - (Montreal) Laurentiens, Quebec
  • Saint-Eustache - Has a great bike path that winds its way into Oaka Provincial Park - (Montreal) Laurentiens, Quebec
  • Saint-Jovite - (Montreal) Laurentiens, Quebec
  • Saint-Jérôme - The beginning of the mountains and the P'tit Train du Nord - (Montreal) Laurentiens, Quebec
  • Saint Sauveur Tourism - The buselling center of the Laurentiens, great skiing, restaurants and bars - (Montreal) Laurentiens, Quebec
  • Sainte-Adèle - Popular vacation spot with excellent skiing - (Montreal) Laurentiens, Quebec
  • Sainte-Thérèse - (Montreal) Laurentiens, Quebec
  • Val-Morin - (Montreal) - - (Montreal) Laurentiens, Quebec
  • Val David - Great XC skiing and rock climbing in the summer - - (Montreal) Laurentiens, Quebe

Chamber of Commerce & Tourism

  • Mont Tremblant Tourism - 140 Couvent, PO Box 240 Mont Tremblant, Quebec 819-425-2434 All Year
  • Labelle Tourism Office - 7404 Cure-Labelle-Blvd Labelle, Quebec J9L 1J2 819-686-2606 All Year

Newspapers & Media

  • Montreal Gazette
  • CIME 101.3 FM


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