Mont Tremblant Resort 

Mont Tremblant Resort is located at the base of the ski hill on the south side of the mountain or versant sud. The resort is a large area but all of it's features and attractions can be reached on foot along the pedestrian walkways. There is also a free sky ride from the lower village to the upper village. The main Gondola provides access to the mountain top during the summer as well as the ski season. The view from the peak is phenomenal, particulary during the fall when the leafs are at thier peak.

The resort is essentially self contained and once you check in you'll find little that isn't available on site. There are hundreds of accommodations in a variety of styles and price ranges, while the Mont Tremblant Region has hundreds more. There are exceptional restaurants within the resort and lots more in the Tremblant Region. Shoppers will be able to peruse a wide variety of merchandise available from the dozens of boutiques and specialty shops. More information is available at two kiosks onsite, any any other queries can usually be quickly address at your front desk.


The Mont Tremblant Region is made up of three sectors, the resort, and the Villages of Mont Tremblant and Saint-Jovite. All the sectors are just a short drive from each other or you can access them with the regional shuttle.

The broader region of the Laurentians streaches almost to Montreal in the south and is the cities weekend playground. The Laurentians have all of the attractions and amenities you might expect of such a region including some of the best resorts, accommodations, bars and restaurants in North America.

Getting Here

Most regularly scheduled fleights will terminate at the Montreal International Airport. Charters may come through Mirabel. Mont Tremblant now has an International Airport approximately 30 minutes from the resort. Voyager Airlines flies from Toronto, Boston, and New York and lands at the new airport. Flights in the late afternoon allow you to take full advatage of your weekend.
Check with the carriers for details. See our airports listings for more information.

From Montreal International Airport - Take AutoRoute 13 to its terminus, then head east on the 640 at Bois Briand. Watch for the signs for the 15 north a short distance along the 640 and head north, AutoRoute 15 turns into the 117 just passed Sainte-Agathe. Along the 117 watch for the signs for the resort at Saint-Jovite. Follow the signs (327) to the resort.

From Montreal - Take AutoRoute 15 which turns into the 117 just passed Sainte-Agathe. Along the 117 watch for the signs for the resort at Saint-Jovite. Follow the signs (327) to the resort.

From Ottawa Cross over to Hull then take highway 50 to the 148 south. At Montebello turn east onto the 323 North. At the 117 head south to Sainte-Jovite and follow the signs (327) to the resort.

Mirabel: 600 Commerce Street A4 Mirabel, Quebec J7N 1E1 514 476-3010
Dorval: 975 Romeo-Vachon North Dorval, Quebec H4Y 1H1 514-633-3105

The smaller airports service communities throughout the Laurentians and can be contacted at the follow numbers: Bellefeuille 450-438-0855 Lachute 450-562-1330 La Macaza 819-275-2445 Mascouche 450-474-2477 Mont-Laurier 819-623-5475 Saint-Jovite 819-425-9494

Air Travel

Mont Tremblant

Mont Tremblant International Airport

Laurentians and Montreal

The major airports servicing the Laurentiens are in Montreal and Mirabel. Most of the traffic has been moved back to the Pierre Eliot Trudeau Airport in Montreal.

Pierre Eliot Trudeau International Airport - (Dorval) Montreal, Quebec

Trudeau Airport
975 Romeo-Vachon North
Dorval, Quebec
H4Y 1H1

The airport website provides information on parking, car rental, shuttle, limousine service, departure/arrivals and much more.

600 Commerce Street A4
Mirabel, Quebec
J7N 1E1
514 476-3010

Approximate flying times into Montreal (direct) are as follows:

Amsterdam - 6.5hrs.
Boston - 1hr.
Calgary - 4 hrs.
Chicago - 2hrs.
Cincinnati - 1hr.
Philadelphia - 1.5hrs., LA - 5.5hrs.
London (England) - 6hrs.
New York 1.5hrs.
Toronto - 1hr.
Vancouver - 5.5hrs.

Automobiles, Rentals & Parking

Gasoline and auto repairs are available in the nearby sector of St-Jovite. Gasoline is sold by the litre (4.54 litres to an Imperial gallon which is 5/4th of an American gallon or about 3.6 litres to the American gallon) and as of this writing costs about 70 cents Canadian for a litre of regular.


Parking is available onsite for guests at the resort. For visitors there are a number of lots at the base of the resort and a short distance away. Shuttles are used to reach the furthest lots.


Banks & Trusts

Two National Bank ATM machines which take Interac, Cirrus and Master card are available at the resort. Near the top of the village just through the short tunnel you'll find one. The second one is located at the bottom of the village just around the corner from the entrance to the Kandahar. There are also banks available in the nearby sector of St-Jovite.

Beauty Salons & Estheticians

Several beauty salons are available to cater to your every need in the nearby sector of St-Jovite. There is also a Clinique d'Esthetique in Mont Tremblant Village.


The provincial bus terminus in Montral is in the eastern section of the downtown core at: 505 Maisonneuve Blvd. East at Berri. The terminus also has connections into several of the Metro (Subway) lines and the urban bus system. Both Greyhound and Voyageur bus lines provide service to the city and access to surrounding regions and other areas of Canada. Shuttles to tremblant are available at Dorval International Airport which can be reached through the CTCUM commuter train system or a combination of Metro and city buses. See the shuttles listing for more information.




The main bus terminus is in the eastern section of the downtown core at: 505 Maisonneuve Blvd. East at Berri. The terminus also has connections into several of the Metro (Subway) lines. Telephone 514-842-2281. Both Greyhound and Voyageur bus lines provide service to the city and access to surrounding regions and other areas of Canada.

Currency Exchange and Conversion

Canadian's use the Canadian dollar for exhange of goods and services. As this is written the Canadian dollar is worth about $0.75 U.S.

Mont Tremblant Resort

The currency exchange is located at the bottom of the village just around the corner from the entrance to the Kandahar (819-425-8444). You can also change your currency at the airport in Montreal.

Mont Tremblant Region

Banque National - 160 Cure-Deslauriers, Mont Tremblant Village


Banque National - 6 ruede la Gare, Saint-Sauveur

Currency Conversion


Banque National 801 Ste-Catherine 514-281-1985
Banque National 5070, avenue du Parc 514-273-1791
Banque National 4506 rue St-Denis 514-281-9610

The Montreal International Airport in Doval also has an exchange office.

Credit Cards

Most of the major credit cards are honored throughout the resort, these include Visa, Master Card and American Express. As always, when your traveling it's best to inquire first.

Day Care

The resort runs a Kids Club for children from one and half to twelve years old. The Club offers many activities including ski instruction. It is located at the bottom of the ski hill. Inquire about on site baby sitting.

Driving Distances

Mont Tremblant

  • Mont Tremblant - Montreal - 125km
  • Mont Tremblant - Ottawa - 150km
  • Mont Tremblant - Toronto - 675km
  • Mont Tremblant - Quebec City - 365km


  • Boisbriand - Montreal - 20km
  • Estérel - Montreal - 85km
  • Lachute - Montreal - 75km
  • Morin-Heights - Montreal - 75km
  • Oka - Montreal - 52km
  • Piedmont - Montreal - 58km
  • Prevost - Montreal - 55km
  • Rosemère - Montreal - 20km
  • Saint Agathe - Montreal - 86km
  • Saint-Antoine - Montreal - 40km
  • Saint-Eustache - Montreal - 42km
  • Saint-Jovite - Montreal - 120km
  • Saint-Jérôme - Montreal - 43km
  • Sainte-Adèle - Montreal - 68km
  • Sainte-Therese - Montreal - 23km
  • Val-Morin - Montreal - 75km
  • Val David - Montreal - 80km

Note - Radar detectors are not permitted in cars in Quebec, active or inactive.


  • Boston - Montreal 520km (325 miles)
  • Buffalo - Montreal 610km (382 miles)
  • Detroit - Montreal 910km (569 miles)
  • Moncton - Montreal 1030km (644 miles)
  • New York - Montreal 610km (382 miles)
  • Ottawa - Montreal 220km (138 miles)
  • Quebec - Montreal 250km (156 miles)
  • Sherbrooke - Montreal 150km (95 miles)
  • Toronto - Montreal 550km (344 miles)

Equipment Rental

In the summer hiking equipment, climbing equipment, golfing equipment, bikes and roller blades are available for rent. In the winter you can rent snow shoes, snow boards, ice skates, cross country and downhill skis.


Mountain Bikes
Centre Adventure


Adventure Nouveau Monde, Place St-Bernard

Snow Boards
Boutique Adrenaline, the Inn

Downhill and Cross Country Skis

Chalet des Voyageurs
Haute Performance Rental Boutique, Johannsen
Rental and Repair Shop, Versant Nord

Ice Skates
Rentals are available at Lac Miroir in Vieux Tremblant

Ski Repairs
Chalet des Voyageurs
Magasin de la Place, Place St-Bernard

Groceries & Sundries

Grocery stores can be found in the nearby sector of St-Jovite. Mont Tremblant village has some items available from convienent stores. At the resort some items are available at Le Magasin General. You'll find a hardware, camera shop drugstore in Saint Jovite.

Laundry & Dry Cleaning

Coin operated washers and dryers are located in the St-Bernard, the Johannsen and the Deslaurier for resort residents only. The Domaine de la Foret have their own washers and dryers. Laundromats are available in the nearby sectors of Mont-Tremblant and St-Jovite. You'll also find dry cleaners in St-Jovite.


Limocar Laurentides - 819-425-3115
Montreal Classic Limousine - 1-877-993-9396


The resort has several maps available for free at the information kiosks along with brochures and information on the resort. The Mont Tremblant tourism office also provides regional guides and maps as well as fliers and brochures for the broader Laurentian region.

Ski Trail Map
Cross Country Ski Map
Mountain Bike Map
Hiking Map

Mail & Postal Services

Mail can be received and sent from the front desk of your hotel. Stamps are available at La Maison de la Presse and the Magasin General. The link will allow you to look up Canadian postal codes.



Pets are not allowed in the resorts accommodations and heavy fines are levied on those that ignore this restriction. Check with the various establishements in the region to ascertain thier policies. There are also two boarding kennels in the area here your pet can stay the Chenil Summum and the Chenil de la Foret.


Mont Tremblant Resort & Laurentians

There is no rail service to the resort nor within most of the Laurentian region. If you're not driving, you'll have to rely on shuttles or buses to reach the resort from Montreal.

The main train terminus (Gare Central) is located downtown just south of Rene Levesque Blvd on La Gauchetiere between Mansfield and University. It can be accessed from the Queen Elizabeth or Bonaventure Hotels. The nearest Metro (subway) is Bonaventure which can be accessed via the underground pedestrian walkway.

  • Via - National Passenger Service
  • Amtrack - To and from the US 
  • There are also commuter lines running to Dorval station which has a shuttle (or taxis) to the nearby airport. Some west bound Via trains stop at the Dorval station as well, inquire with the rail line. There is another commuter service which runs through Laval and into the lower Laurentains but it terminates almost a 100km short of the resort.

    Road Conditions

    Road Conditions
    Master Map - for all of Quebec, select the Laurentians
    Road Works - Quebec


    There are daily shuttles from the resort to Montreal. The frequency increases on the weekends. Skyport

    There is a local shuttle which connects the resort to the Mont Tremblant Village and Saint Jovite sectors of the Mont Tremblant Region. Information and Rates


    St-Jovite 819-425-3212

    Telephone & Directories

    Operators can be reach by dialing 0
    For local directory assistance its 411

    The regions area code is 819. You don't have to dial this number if you are in the area. Inquire for hotel phone charges, dialing within the resort and placing external calls from your room.

    The following are a listing of online phone directories to assist you in finding an number:

    Weather & Climate


    The Mont Tremblant Region has moderate summers, with warm days and cool nights. In the winter the temperatures can reach -30°C or more but usually are more moderate. In the southern reaches of the Laurentians region summer temperatures can streatch to the other end of the scale and can exceed 30°C for extended periods. As you move north the temperature generally declines. Of course the same is true of the winter months and the north areas of the region tend to seen more arctic air than the south.If you love snow you'll usually find lots of it, particularly in the northern Laurentains which get great heaps of the white stuff.

    Spring - pants, rain gear, long sleeve shirt, a sweater and a medium to heavy weight jacket.

    Summer - bring pants, shorts, tee, rain gear, a sweater and jacket.

    Fall - pants, rain gear, long sleeve shirt, a sweater and a medium to heavy weight jacket.

    Winter - pants, sweater, long johns (if your playing outside you should layer), a good winter coat and warm boots


    Mont Tremblant Resort

    Cross Country Skiing

    Adventure Nouveau Monde, Place St-Bernard
    Centre de ski de fond Mont Tremblant 819-425-5588

    Ice Skating

    Lac Miroir in Vieux Tremblant has ice skating in the winter. Better check the mercury before you commit.


    Of course the resort has courts at Tennis Tremblant. Both Grey Rocks and Club Tremblant also have facilities.


    In the center of the village you'll find a small copy of the Le Geant golf course. There is another center in the Saint Jovite sector of Mont Tremblant.



    The resort has pools as well as well as a private beach area for guests just opposite of the St-Bernard Chapel. You'll find the Plage du lac Mercier in Mont Tremblant Village.

    On the lake you'll find a day care, a bar and a snack bar.

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