Huts in Vancouver Coast & Mountains

The hut system in Canada is extensive but not well know outside of climbing and ski mountaineering circles. There are huts throughout the Alberta and British Columbia mountain ranges. There are also less isolated systems of huts thoughout Quebec and Ontario. Many of the mountain huts are the work of the Alpine Club of Canada as well as other clubs such as the British Colunbia Mountaineering Club. Some are indepent, in the east many are run by the parks bodies. While facilities are usually minimal some huts are really quite appealing in their accomodations and many share one common traite; they are often located in some of Canada's finest backcountry. With few exceptions huts are not accessible by car and some have access which requires expert outdoor skills.

  • Black Tusk- BC: Garibaldi, Black Tusk Trail
  • Burton Hut- BC: Garibaldi, Garibaldi Lake
  • Diamond Head- BC: Garibaldi, Elfin Lakes
  • Edwards Lake- BC: Howe Sound, Southwest of Mount Steele.
  • Elsay Lake- BC: Howe Sound, north of Mount Seymour
  • Flavelle Hut- BC: East of Garibaldi, North of Anniversery Glacier
  • Golden Ears Cabin- BC: Golden Ears
  • Green Mountain Hut- BC: North of Pemberton, Green Mountain
  • Harrison- BC: North of Powell River, north of Pemberton Icefield
  • Himmelsbach Hut- BC: Garibaldi, Russet Lake
  • Lizzie Creek Cabin- BC: East of Garibaldi, Lizzie Lake
  • McNair Lake- BC: Howe Sound, Southeast or Chapman Lake
  • Mount Steele Cabin (Tetrahedron)- BC: Howe Sound, Mount Steele
  • Mountain Lake Hut- BC: Howe Sound, southwest of Mountain Lake
  • Sentinal Glacier Huts- BC: Garibaldi, Black Tusk Meadows