Mountain Biking in Vancouver Coast & Moutnains
Mountain Biking

Mountian bikers in this area have truly endless opportunities. Overstated? Not even close! Even within the city proper there is plenty of riding and lots more to be had in the adjoining cities of Burnaby and New Westminister. Then there's the world famous "north shore" (North Vancouver) where you find some awesome technical single track along with those kamakazi nightmares (both natural and man made) that you'll only find here.

North Shore Extreme
Mountain Biking doesn't have to be extreme
  Head up the coast to Squamish and you can choose from 50 more trails which will challenge the best bikers in the world. Further north at Whistler, surprise another extensive trail network, along with the bike zone which has been layed out on the mountain. We haven't begun to mentioned the possiblities in the south or the east (and there's lots). The really amazing thing is that no matter how often you ride there are so many logging roads into the back country connecting to even more trails that you'll get really tired long before you'll get bored. You have died and gone to heaven, get the picture!
Bike zone at Whistler / Whistler Decents
  • After Atlantis - Easy/Intermediate, Traverses the hill, then turns into the an expert trail, the Blue Crumble
  • Route Rutabaga - Expert, Short downhill spur off of the After Atlantis which runs into the Rippin Rutabaga
Whistler in the summer is a mountain bikers dream
  • Blueberry Crumble - Expert, Connects the After Atlantis with the Badlands (Expert) and Golden Triangle
  • Badlands - Expert, Connects the Blueberry Crumble to the Golden Triangle
  • Golden Triangle - Intermediate, Traverses the hill forming a loop with the After Atlantis, Blueberry Crumble and Badlands
  • Rippin Rutabaga - Intermediate, Downhill section from the After Atlantis
  • Crabapple - Easy/Intermediate, Follows a ski trail from the Atlantis
  • Fantastic - Intermediate, Branches from the downhill off the Olypic Station to the Olympic Meadows Lookout then turns into the Oly Oly Road
  • Old Oly Road - Easy, Starts at the bottom of the Fantastic and traverses the hill
  • Northwest Passage - Intermediate, Starts just off of the 201 and follows over to Whistler Creek
  • Ho Chimin - Easy, Connects the 201 to the BMX
  • Northern Lights - Expert, Twisting down hill it snakes back and forth across the ski trail
  • BMX - Intermediate, Connects the main trail system to the Comming Home Trail
  • Dual Slalom - Expert, Just as the name suggests
  • Coming Home - Easy, The final trail home to the base of the Mountain
  • 101 - Easy, Short connector between the Old Oly Oly Road and the 201
  • 201 - Easy, Connects the 101 tot he Ho Chimin or the Northwest Passage
  • 301 - Intermediate, Connects the Oly Oly Road to the Norhten Lights or you can climb back up the 401
  • 401 - Intermediate, From the intersection of the 101 and 201 to the Northern Lights (Expert)

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More Trails in Vancouver Coast & Mountians

  • Elfin Lakes The trail is in the Diamond Head of Garibaldi Provincial Park area and travels to the shelter at elfin lake over 16km. Expect to climb a lot but the scenery is well worth it.
  • Valley Cliffe Trails Located in Sqaumish this area has several trails with excellent single track. Follow loggers lane north east from the lights on highway 99.
  • Brohm Lake South This is a whole network of trails which can be accessed from Alice Lake Provincial park but might best be accessed from hwy 99 south of Brohm Lake, as the name implies. The area includes the Cat Lake Trails and the Garibaldi Highlands Trails. Difficulties really vary with easy fireroad and steep twisting single track along with good climbings and easy flowing decents.
  • Sea to Sky Trail This is a work in progress and what a piece of work it is. Winding its way through some of the worlds most breathaking scenery the trail is spectacular. With plans to go from south of Squamish, through Whistler, Pemberton and then on to D'Arcy this is a hell of a ride. The section from Squamish past Whistler is already open and the rest will be completed shortly. You can access the trail in several area for short rides or you can attempt the whole 150kms. The trail is multi-use.
  • Whistler Interpretive Forest This area lies north of Whistler just above Alpha Lake. Turn north on the westside main road which follows the Cheakamus River. The area has five trails which range from easy to difficult.
  • Whistler There are lots of great rides around town which will satisfy everyones expectations. Easy trials through the lost lake area are contrasted by break burners such as the North West Passage. There are several trails on the west side of Alta Lake for expert riders. Following Alta Lake Road will lead you to some awesome single track. More riding can be found on the east side of Green Lake and to the north along 16 mile creek.
  • Pemberton/Mosquito Lake There are a number of trails south of Pemberton including the area around Nairn Falls Provincial Park but the best of the best is the Mosquito Lake Trails. There are over ten excellent trails here ranging from easy flat loops to some almost impossible sections. Definatly look before you leap in this area.
  • Chilliwack/Vedder Mountain The Chilliwack area has some excellent backcountry biking mostly in the form of abandoned logging and fireroads. Very close to Vancouver you can camp at Cultus Lake and start exploring the region using this as your base camp. Vedder Mountain is one of the places you might want to check out.
  • Grouse Mountain/North Shore Trails. Considered some of the gnarliest and best in the world. While you can still find some easy rides on jeep and single track the focus here is becoming extreme. If slick mud, water soaked roots, wicked drop-offs don't get, you some of the trail builders have added even meaner elements to bend your metal. It doesn't matter how good you are you'll find your match on one of these trails. You can access the trails at the end of Mountain Highway in North Vancouver. See Mount Seymour for more north shore trails.
  • Mount Seymour/North Shore Trails Considered some of the gnarliest and best in the world. There is not much easy riding (see the Lynn Valley Trials for easier rides) here the focus is definately on the extreme. Like the Grouse trials we're lookin at slick mud, water soaked roots, wicked drop-offs and some of the steepest single track you'll find anywhere. If your good you'll get better, if your bad you'll get broken. You can access the trails from Old Buck logging road just at the base of Mount Seymour Road.
  • Lynn Valley These are some relatively easy trails in great surroundings. The Lynn Canyon is a beautiful area. You can enjoy the day here or use it for a warm-up for the nearby "North Shore Trails". Access just east of Lynn Canyon, turn north from Kieth onto Riverside Drive and go to the end of the road.
  • Powell River Trails/Duck Lake Trails Nice riding in an easily accesible area. Follow Duck Lake Road to north from Hwy 101 to the access point.


Sea Wall - Vancouver

Sea Wall - An excellent paved and shared trail which is slowely working its way around the cities periphery. It follows the shore from Kitsilano Beach, around False Creek and then out to English Bay and Stanley Park. The sea wall is not only a great recreation trail but works well for some commuters.

Stanley Park - Vancouver

The ride around the outside of the park along the sea wall is a must. This is an excellent way to get to know the area and really appreciate the park. Take a couple of hours or all day long this ride is well worth any time spent.

  • Kettle Valley Railroad - Hope, Fraser Valley, Vancouver Coast and Mountains
  • Valley Trail Whistler / Pemberton