Flora and Fauna

  Never feed or approach animals, view them from a good distance. If you come across a grizzly bear it's best to quietly and slowly leave the area. Ask the park wardens for thier bear brochure.

The park has three distict eco-regions, the montane forest of the valley, the subalpine areas and the alpine.

You'll find Douglas Fir, Trembling Aspen, Cottonwood and Lodgepole Pine within the forest area. If your interest lies with wild flowers keep an eye out for Lady Slippers, Scorpionweed, and Glacier Lilies just to name a few.
The park is home to dozens of mammals and over a hundred different varietys of birds. Train an eye skyward and you might see Mountain Goats making thier way along one of the parks ridges. Quite commenly you'll see Elk, Moose and Deer and you might even see one of the parks Black or Grizzly Bears.  
Wildlife in the Canadian Rockies