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The park's waters are glacier fed, in other words, really cold. Hypothermia is always a danger at any time of year. The rivers are a real mix of flatwater, swifts, rapids, chutes and falls with water levels varying dramatically with the seasons. Care should be take to ensure you thoroughly scout the sections you want to run. Consult with the parks staff before you set out and be sure to bring your wetsuit.

The Kicking Horse is a designated Canadian Heritage River, fed by the glaciers along the great divide. As with most glacier fed rivers, the river flows are extreme with the changing of the seasons and regardless of the time of year the water remains very cold. The Yoho, Amiskwi, Ottertail, Otterhead, rivers along with the Porcupine, and Hoodoo Creeks flow into the Kicking Horse. The Kicking Horse River ranges from Class I, to V along with some un-navigable sections, including Wapta Falls. A description of the river "The Kicking Horse River Touring Guide" is available form the park. This is an excellent white water area and a spectacularly scenic river.

The Yoho river feeds the Kicking Horse and it starts just below the Yoho Glacier on the Wapta Icefields. There are good white water sections along the Yoho which can be run by canoes and kayaks. The conditions widely depending on the time of year and you can be sure the water's cold. There are some un-navigable sections.

For detailed information of the park's whitewater, see "Canadian Rockies Whitewater" by Stuart Smith, Headwaters Press

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