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The best adventures are planned adventures. Sure it's great to hit the backcountry after a two foot snowfall but it's always nice to know it's going to happen so you don't get caught in a wicked storm without a bivouc. Banff is very much a tourist destination but it's also a true wilderness area.


Have a look at our resource listings to familiarize yourself with what's available to support your passion. Gear is great but knowledge trumps gear everytime!

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Blue Moose Tours provides adventures in the spectacular Canadian Rockies. All equipment, food, accommodation and transportation is provided for your 1 to 10 day guided camping and hiking tours. See locations of Banff, Lake Louise and Jasper National Parks or choose to go further with visits to Grande Cache or Waterton National Park.



Banff Maps and Map Sources

Locator Map of the 4 sisters Banff / Jasper / Yoho / Kootenay

The park pamphlet "Backcountry Visitors Guide" has a map of park which lays out the hiking and backpacking trails and shows the wilderness campgrounds, shelters and backcounty lodges. The pamphlet includes plannig information and trip ideas.

Topographical Maps - 1:50,000 Topographical maps covering the park

83 C/3, 83 C/2, 82 N/14, 82 N/15, 82 N/16, 82 O/13, 82 N/10, 82 N/9, 82 O/12, 82 N/8, 82 O/5, 82 N/1, 82 O/4, 82 O/3, B2 J/13, B2 J/14, B2 J/11

Note: These include some very small sections on the edges of the park.

There is also a special wall sized topographical map at 1:200,000 that covers Banff, Kootenay and Yoho National Parks and another which at 1:100,000 scale provides a large wall map of Jasper alone. Inquire with the Canada Map Office for more information.

Canadian Map Office

Maps - Canadian Topographical Maps by World of Maps

Online Topographical Maps







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