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Banff is widely acknowledged as one of the worlds most beautiful places and as a result it attracts a huge number of vistors each year. The balancing act that is required to ensure that the experience is beneficial to all concerned is exceedingly difficult. To date Banff and her sisters have done this remarkably well. The fact that Banff is a National Park plays a key role in maintaining this balance.


Of course the challenges are ongoing and vigilance will always be required, but given the hard won sucesses we've seen to date, it is both heartening and encouraging. When you visit make a point of knowing and understanding the parks regulations and edicate - after all it's to everyone's (and every living things) benefit.

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Banff National Park
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Location: Banff is located in Alberta on the British Columbia border in the south west of the province. It is 128 kilometers west of Calgary along the Trans-Canada Highway (#1), which runs west from Calgary, skirts Canmore and goes through the heart of the park and the towns of Banff and Lake Louise

Reservations: You can make camping reservations On-Line

Climate: In the month of July the average high is 22 C in the Town of Banff. January is the coldest month with average lows of -15 C

Size: 6,641 square kilometers (2,564 square miles)

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The park's two small towns are Banff and Lake Louise. Canmore is located just south of the parks main entrance. Calgary is the closest large urban centre and is located about 130km from the park entrance. In the surrounding regions and parks you'll aslo find other small towns.

Town of Banff - Banff, Alberta
Town of Lake Louise - Banff National Park
Town of Canmore - At the entrance to Banff in Kananaskis Country, Alberta
Town of Jasper - Jasper National Park, Alberta
Town of Field - Yoho National Park, British Columbia
Radium Hot Springs Chamber of Commerce - British Columbia
Town of Golden - Golden Chamber of Commerce - Golden Tourism - British Columbia
City of Calgary - Alberta
City of Edmonton - Alberta







Banff is of course in a moutainous region and as such expect cold nights and cool days. The average day time temperature in July is 22C, while in January it's -7C. Of course the summer months can have very hot days so you should bring some shorts and tees along with your fleece and sweater. Remeber if you go hiking (or ride the gondola for that matter) the temperature is going to drop as you gain much as 5-7 degrees C. Rain is usual every few days in the summer (not always of course) and the area gets mounds of snow in the winter.



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Banff Maps and Map Sources

Locator Map of the 4 sisters Banff / Jasper / Yoho / Kootenay

The park pamphlet "Backcountry Visitors Guide" has a map of park which lays out the hiking and backpacking trails and shows the wilderness campgrounds, shelters and backcounty lodges. The pamphlet includes plannig information and trip ideas.

Topographical Maps - 1:50,000 Topographical maps covering the park

83 C/3, 83 C/2, 82 N/14, 82 N/15, 82 N/16, 82 O/13, 82 N/10, 82 N/9, 82 O/12, 82 N/8, 82 O/5, 82 N/1, 82 O/4, 82 O/3, B2 J/13, B2 J/14, B2 J/11

Note: These include some very small sections on the edges of the park.

There is also a special wall sized topographical map at 1:200,000 that covers Banff, Kootenay and Yoho National Parks and another which at 1:100,000 scale provides a large wall map of Jasper alone. Inquire with the Canada Map Office for more information.

Canadian Map Office

Maps - Canadian Topographical Maps by World of Maps

Online Topographical Maps



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