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Out-There is Canada's largest outdoor web site. Its massive database provides a wealth of useful information to an enthusiastic and growing outdoor market. The site encompasses travel, nature appreciation and eco-tourism along with the next generation adventure sports. With tens of thousands of listings in over 100 categories we are Canada's only truly comprehensive outdoor site.

Search Engine Results

While our search engine results speak for themselves, keep in mind that the largest percentage of our visitors are loyal viewers which come directly to our pages, search engine placement is only a part of the larger picture!

A small sampling of our search engine results:*

"Mont Tremblant Resort" - Google rank number 6
"Bruce Peninsula National Park" - Google rank number 9
"Sandbanks Provincial Park" - Yahoo rank number 4
"Golden Ears Provincial Park" - Yahoo rank number 6
"Laurentians" - Google rank number 4
"Cape Breton Highlands National Park" - Google rank 2
"The P'tit Train du Nord" - Yahoo rank number 2
"Muskokas" - Google rank number 9

"Canoeing Algonquin" - Google rank number 2
"White Water Rafting Yoho" - Google rank number 2
"Backpacking Whistler" - Google Rank 3
"Hiking British Columbia" - Google rank number 3
"Mountain Biking Banff" - Google rank 9
"Backpacking Alberta" - Google rank number 1
"Mont Tremblant Provincial Park" - Google rank number 1
"Saskatchewan Canoeing" - Google rank number 5
"White Water Rafting Ontario" - Google rank 1
"White Water Rafting Quebec" Yahoo rank 1
"Sea Kayaking New Brunswick" Google rank 9
"Hiking Prince Edward Island" - Google rank 4
"Hiking Newfoundland" - Google rank 3
"Yukon Paddling" - Google rank 10
"National Parks Nunavut" - AOL rank 10
"Hiking Northwest Territories" - Google rank 1

These are only a few of our top 10 rankings but it should give you an idea of the value of advertising with us.

Note: The rankings don't count listings which are repeated i.e. if Parks Canada is ranked 4th and 6th it's only counted once. If a site has multiple URLs ( & the listings are counted only once.

:* The quoted words are the search terms followed by the ranking of the search engine results. Feel free to verify these results which were gathered January 2004. Results may vary over time.

Advertising with Us

Our content is in-depth and tightly focused. It appeals directly to outdoor "participants" and "enthusiasts". With the continuing growth of our audience, expanding promotional support, a very positive media reaction and your dream demographic, you can be assured of excellent exposure to your target audience. We get results, period!

Our Audience

From the beginning, Out-There was designed as a tool to facilitate travel, to enhance and broaden the outdoor experience, and to encourage research and participation in any number of outdoor-related areas. Our audience is made up of travelers, adventurers and those who seek the solitude and learning experiences of nature.

We received over 1.6 Million hits a month and we are still growing at a prodigious rate. Our viewers are predominantly Canadian, followed in number by Americans, who make up about forty percent of our audience. The other countries at the top of our visitors' list are Australia, Japan, Germany, France, Austria, England, Holland, Belgium, Sweden, Norway and Denmark.

Our reviews are extremely positive. Our site feedback is excellent. Our demographic is a marketer's dream. Adventure sports are the "new and up and coming thing", attracting the younger members of our audience comprised mostly of 20 - 40 year olds, while our nature section is a magnet for the "baby boomers" (45 plus). In both instances our audience is predominantly made up of individuals with university degrees, from households in the highest income brackets.

Promoting Our Site

Out-There has top ten listings with Google, Yahoo, AOL, MSN and others as well as search engines in Europe and south east Asia. There are thousands of links to us from other outdoor sites all over the world including industry sites and the major outdoor magazines. We have supported our growth with a presence at Canada's foremost outdoor shows in Vancouver, Calgary, Toronto and Ottawa. In addition we distribute promotional flyers through outdoor retailers. Our events are supported with press releases submitted to the major papers, magazines and appropriate web sites.

Our approach to advertising is to tailor a solution to a client's product, market, budget and needs. Whether it's a simple directory listing or a complete sponsorship, we will put together a campaign that will enhance your image, promote your brand and get your message through to the right audience.

Simply put, we'll drive business to you at a cost that you can afford.

Advertising Options


Out-There has several options for working with us to promote and market your business. Have a look at our advertising rate card (see below) if your looking for a simple banner or skyscraper placement then contact us for specific details. Another low cost and effective alternative is available through our Partnership Program. Have a good look at our Partnership Program Information page for the details.

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