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Algonquin Park

Designated in 1893, Algonquin was the first provincial park in Ontario. Its significant size and popularity, cause some visitors to mistakenly refer to it as a National Park. Visitors come from all over the world to pursue the Algonquin experience. Something that many people come to think of as one of the highlights of their travels.

The park is located in the eastern region of Ontario, not far from the Ottawa river. It's world renown as a canoeing park with over 1800 wilderness campsites distributed over 1600 km of canoe routes.

  Algonquin Canoe
  Despite its wilderness setting, the park can be accessed in half a day or less from three major Canadian cities, Ottawa, Toronto and Montreal. If you leave the office at noon, you could conceivably be paddling one of its many lakes before supper. This relatively easy access contributes significantly to the park's popularity but is by no means the major reason for its fame.

The park's beautiful scenery, its accessible wildlife and the endless opportunities for adventure are the real reasons why so many people visit time and time again.

Paddling through a misty morning's fog or drifting by a nesting loon is sure to awaken something in a visitor's soul, but don't overlook the park's other possibilities. The park has excellent backpacking and hiking trails. A great mountain bike loop just off the corridor is also used for cross country skiing and snow shoeing in the winter. Winter camping, either in a tent or nestled in the park's yurts after a day of cross county skiing or snowshoeing, is a great ways to spend your winter vacation. These are just some of the possibilities you might expect to find within its boundaries.

For information on outdoor guiding, instruction or canoe rentals rentals for the park have a look at our Guides and Outfitters section.

Note: Algonquin Park has a complete ban on cans and bottles in the backcountry - and they enforce it. To try to prevent overbooking the entire park is now a controlled camping zone, where well thought out itineraries are essential. Contact the park staff for details.

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Getting Here

Algonquin is located in the eastern region of Ontario, northeast of Toronto and northwest of Ottawa. It can be reached by car from either centre in a just a few hours and is only a couple of hours further from Montreal.


By Air - Toronto and Ottawa International Airports are the closest ones to the park, Montreal International in Montreal offers another possibility. Car rentals are available at all of the airports.

By Rail - Toronto, Ottawa and Montreal are serviced by Via Rail Canada. Montreal can be accessed from the US through Amtrak.

By Car - Algonquin Park is located in the eastern section of Ontario about 2.5 hours from Ottawa, 4.5 hours from Montreal or 3.5 hours from Toronto.

Montreal and Ottawa - From Montreal follow highway 40 west (Trans-Canada) to the Ontario border where it turns into the 417. Follow the 417 through Ottawa which turns into the 17. At Renfrew, pick up the 60 which will take you all the way to Whitney and the east gate of the park.

Toronto - From Toronto follow the 400 north (from the 401) passed Barrie then follow the 11 to Huntsville. At Huntsville, pick up highway 60 which will take you to the west gate of the park just passed Dwight.

Other access points lie along the 17 north and northeast of the park (including Brent, Achray and Kiosk campgrounds) and off of Highway 11 between North Bay and Huntsville.

For backpackers take a look at the Algonquin Park Bus which will get you here from Toronto


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Algonquin Weather

  • Algonquin Park Bus - Bus from Toronto to Algonquin it has several stops along the parks corridor. Next year they are implementing service to Killarney.
  • Park Reports - Campground Vacancy Reports, XC Ski Conditions, Fire Bans, Water Advisories, Beach Closures, Fall Colour Reports

West of Main Corridor and Western Entrance

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South of Main Corridor

Algonquin South and the surrounding area have a wealth of outdoor opportunities for hikers, mountain bikers, canoeists and snow sport enthusiast.

North, East & West of the Park's Exterior

Outside of the main corridor these areas have the majority of the parks canoe access points. These access points are generally less crowded and provide access to the wilder sections of the park.


For current conditions, along with definitive information on the park, contact the park authorities. For regional information check with the local chambers of commerce and tourism offices. Outdoor shops, outfitters and clubs in the vicinity of the park may be other excellent sources of information.

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Algonquin Provincial Park
PO Box 219
Whitney, Ontario
K0J 2M0
(705) 633-5572


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