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Gulf Islands

The islands are well known for their large community of artists and artisans. You will find a wide selection of islander's work displayed in the island galleries and many of the artists studios are open to visitors (check their websites for details). Musicians and other performing artists have a variety of venues to choose from, including Salt Spring's ArtSpring, the island's community centres and of course the island's cafes , restaurants and pubs. Theatre groups are active on each of the major islands and performances are well worth going out of your way for. Finally, the Tree House Cafe on Salt Spring has an amazing variety of performers throughout the warmer months (bring you're own folding chair in case all seats are taken).


Art, Culture & History

Art Galliano - Galiano Island
ArtSpring - Arts Centre - Salt Spring Island
Galiano Saturday Market (Galiano Chamber), Galiano
Gabriola Studio Tour - Thanksgiving, Gabriola Island
Mayne Island Market (Mayne Chamber) - Mayne Island
Music Under the Stars - Summer, Tree House Cafe, Ganges, Salt Spring Island
Pender Islands Community Hall - Performing Arts, Pender Island
Salt Spring Fibre Festival - Salt Spring Island
Salt Spring Film Festival - Salt Spring Media Group
Salt Spring Folk Club - Salt Spring Island
Salt Spring Island Archives - Salt Spring Island
Salt Spring Market Photo Gallery
Salt Spring Saturday Market - Renown outdoor market, Salt Spring Island
Salt Spring Studio Tour - Salt Spring Island
Salt Spring Painters Guild
Salt Spring Photography
Salt Spring Potters Guild
Saturna Artists Open Studio Tour (Saturna Tourism) - August
Stagecoach Theatre School - Salt Spring Island

Galleries, Studios and Art Centres



Art Galliano - Galiano Island
Bill Boyd Ceramics - Galiano Island
Cedar Grove Pottery - Galiano Island
Fisheye Photography - Galiano Island
Flying Frog Studio - Galiano Island
Kenneth Hardy Gallery - Galiano Island
Liliana Kleiner - Galiano Island
Penny Prior's Gallery - Galiano Island
Puddle Lane Blacksmith Shoppe - Galiano Island
Shera Street Paintings - Galiano Island
Thistledown - Galiano Island









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Gulf Island History

The Gulf Islands have a fascinating history which begins with the indigenous peoples, their rich culture, trading practices and rivalries. With the coming of the europeans the islands saw Hawaiian settlers, rum smugglers and even a thick, unruly mob of prospective gold miners, which made their way through the area on their way to the gold fields of the Fraser. Stop in at one of the islands museums, bookstores or libraries where you'll find a wealth of information on the islands past. Also have a look at the Salt Spring Archives site for online info on Salt Spring.


Galiano Museum and Archives
Pender Island Museum
Salt Spring Archives

Salt Spring Library

British Columbia has seven national historic sites located in the province. In addition there are sites of historic significance designated on a provincial and regional basis and of course those which are established by interested parties in the private sector.

Vancouver Island

Vancouver Island History

British Columbia

Canada's national historic sites are managed by the federal government. The include fortifications, historic homes and buildings, canals as well as areas which have little obvious clues of their historical significance. In the latter case, efforts are often expended to reconstruct some of the details of the past. An excellent example of this is available at the l'Anse a Meadow site in Newfoundland, which reconstructs the earliest known European presence in the new world, in the form of a Viking settlement. Heritage Canada

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