Gulf Islands The Gulf Islands are a seafood lovers delight with daily catches available at many of the areas shops, restaurants and docks. Wild salmon may be you're first choice but don't overlook the local dungenous crab, shrimp and shellfish. Products grown locally add to this wonderful culinary opportunity, with natural and organic being the operative words. More and more of the island farms are raising live stock and garden crops without pesticides, herbicides or antibiotics, a long established trend here that is now growing in leaps and bounds. Most local products are reflecting this with all natural ingredients and processing methods that retain that wholesome goodness. Salt Spring is well known for it's heritage apples and wonderful island lamb. Don't leave without trying some of Harlan's Chocolates and the wonderful organic Gelato.


You'll also find lots of natural body care products made from the islands locally grown plants and herbs to pamper as well as nurture you. These include soaps, ointments and scents that are available in local shops and at the regions wonderful markets.

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Food and Gastronomy Victoria & Vancouver Island

Farms, Growers and Producers - Salt Spring Island

Growers & Producers - Products available from farm gate sales,pick your own, local retailers and/or restaurants

  • Apple Luscious - Certified Organic Fruits, FG, 112 Heidi Place, Salt Spring Island
  • Big Foot Organic Herb Farm - Organic Herbs & Spices (NC), FG, TM, 104 Eagle Ridge Drive, Salt Spring Island
  • Blue Raven Farm - Organic Produce (NC), FG, 110 Toynebee Road, Salt Spring Island
  • Ecorealty Cooperative - Organic Produce & Eggs (NC), SM, 160 Sharp Road, Salt Spring Island
  • Falcon Farm - Organic Produce (NC), FG, SM, 455 Musgrave Road, Salt Spring Island
  • Farias Family Farm - Organic Produce (NC), FG, UP, 2450 Fulford Ganges Road, Salt Spring Island
  • Fern Creek Farm - Produce, FG, CS, 492 Isabella Point Road, Salt Spring Island
  • Food Forest Farm - Certified Organic Produce & Meat, FG, TM, 380 Starks Road, Salt Spring Island
  • Fulford Valley Organics - Certified Organic Produce & Herbs, FG, CS, 2161 Fulford Ganges Road, Salt Spring Island
  • Indigo Farm - Organic, Produce, Poultry & Eggs, 289 Rainbow Road, Salt Spring Island
  • Knoth Farms - Produce & Poultry, FG (Weekends), 1320 North Beach Road, Salt Spring Island
  • Madrona Valley Farm - Certified Organic Produce & Eggs, SM, CS, CR, 171 Chu-An Drive, Salt Spring Island
  • Monsoon Coast - Herbs & Spices, SM, 280 Robinson Road, Salt Spring Island
  • Moonstruck Cheese - Certified Organic Cheese, FG, SM, CS, 1306 Beddis Road, Salt Spring Island
  • Neptune Farm - Organic Produce (NC), FG, TM, CS, 210 Byron Road, Salt Spring Island
  • Pastoral Farm - Organic Produce (NC), FG, 2281 Fulford Ganges Road, Salt Spring Island
  • Salt Spring Aquafarms - Salt Spring Island
  • Salt Spring Island Cheese Company - Cheese, 285 Reynolds Road, (250) 653-2300Salt Spring Island
  • Salt Spring Lavender - Salt Spring Island
  • Seven Raven Farm - Produce, Nuts, FG, 1641 Fulford Ganges Road, Salt Spring Island
  • Soya Nova Tofu - Organic Tofu, 1200 Beddis Road, (250) 537-9651, Salt Spring Island
  • Stone Glen Farm - Certified Organic Produce, FG (Fall), CS, 1072 Isabella Road, Salt Spring Island
  • Stowell Lake Farm - Certified Organic Produce, FG (Wednesdays), 190 Reynolds Road, Salt Spring Island
  • Sunny Hill Farm - Organic Produce (NC), FG, CS, 346 Stark's Road, Salt Spring Island
  • Wave Hill Farm - Certified Organic Produce, Meat & Eggs, SM, 40 Bridgeman Road, Salt Spring Island
  • Whims Farm - Organic Produce, FG, CS, 130 Primerose Lane, Salt Spring Market

CR - Community Restaurants
CS - Community Stores
FG - Farm Gate Sales
NC - Not Certified but practices organic methods or in the process of gaining certification (transitioning)
SM - Saturday Market, April to Thanksgiving, Centenial Park, Ganges
TM - Tuesday's Farmers Market, July to Thanksgiving, 111 Hereford Avenue (United Church Meadow), Ganges
UP - U-Pick

The following producers supply local retailers and/or restaurants on Salt Spring. There are no farm gate sales.

  • Alder Creek Farm - Organic Produce, CS, SM, TM, 110 Hamilton Home Way, Salt Spring Island
  • Bright Farm - Certified Organic Produce , CS, SM, TM, 176 Tripp Road, Salt Spring Island
  • Duck Creek Farm - Certified Organic, SM, TM, CS, 134 Tripp Road, (250) 537-5942, Salt Spring Island
  • Fernwood Market Garden - Organic Produce (NC), SM, TM, 141 Fernwood Road, (250) 537-1148, Salt Spring Island
  • Grandview Farms - Certified Organic Produce, Meat, Nuts & Herbs, CS, CR, AP, (250) 653-4299, Fulford, Salt Spring Island
  • Isabella Farm - Certified Organic Produce & Juice, CS, 300 Holmes Road, (250) 653-9634, Salt Spring Island
  • Lee's Hill Farm - Certified Organic Chicken, AP, (250) 653-9188, Salt Spring Island
  • Madrona Valley Farm - Certified Organic Produce & Eggs, SM, CS, CR, AP, 171 Chu-An Drive, (250) 537-1989, Salt Spring Island
  • Salt Spring Sprouts - Organic Sprouts & Mushrooms, SM, CS, 397 Stewart Road, (250) 537-9129, Salt Spring Island
  • Small Earth Organic Farm - Organic Produce SM, TM, 605 Fulford-Ganges Road, (250) 537-1249, Salt Spring Island


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