Bic Provincial Park
The Black Beaches of Bic

Bic Provincial Park is one of Quebec's maritime parks. Located along the shores of the the St Lawrence outside Rimouski the park is easily identified by the number of unusually islands and headlands with cliffs that break the water in what is otherwise a rather nondescript landscape. The parks waters are home to seals and other salt water inhabitants a long way from the open ocean. Watch for the harbour and grey seals on the rocks and islands in the area of Anse a l'Original the parks main bay and protected area. In the spring and fall the park hosts a number of migrating species and is a corridor for raptors which are often spotted in the park at these times of year.

Bic has camping, cycling trails, hiking trails and superb sea kayaking. You can rent bikes or go kayak touring with experienced guides which will take you to the most fascinating areas of the park


Front Country Camping:

Bic's camping is divided into three separate sectors in the area of the Rivier du Sud-Ouest. L'Eider a Duvet which is best bet for motorhomes, Le Cormoran a Aigrette just above it and Le Guillemot a Miroir further up the mountain which is our choice for tent camping and a nice view of the the park.

Total Number of Sites: 110
Serviced Sites:
Yes - but it's cold!
Flush Toilets:
Le Cormoran a Aigrette
Le Cormoran a Aigrette
Phone Reservations:

L'Eider a Duvet - 50 sites
Le Cormoran a Aigrette - 35 sites
Le Guillemot a Miroir - 25 sites


La Greve


The park has over 14km of paths and trails which can all be ridden on a street bike or hybrid (preferred). There is no real mountain biking in the park.

Le Portage - 4.0km, easy. Starting off route 1 just north of the reception center the trail is an easy ride along the southern shore of the bay. The trail connects to La Coulee and La Greve Trails.


La Greve - 5.0km, easy. Starting from the parking lot a the intersection of route 1 and 2 the trail winds its way out to Cap a l'Origanal and some of the parks best scenery. You can also connect to the trail via Le Portage. or La Coulee.

La Coulee - 5.0km, easy. A linear trail you can take from the parking lot at the intersection of route 1 and 2 in the west or from the beside the parking lot at Ilet au Flacon at the tip of the peninsula on the south shore of the Baie du Ha! Ha! in the east (we kid you not). At the eastern end the trail connects to La Greve and Le Portage.

Note: Bikes can be rented in the park.

Misty Morning


Bic has eight designated hiking trails ranging from an easy walk to a strenuous climb. One of our favorites, Le Pic Champlain, will bring you to a belvedere with an excellent view of the park and beyond.

There are also several trails which the park refers to as wilderness area trails with very difficult sections. These are marked on the map included with the park brochure.

Le Pic-Champlain - Linear, 3.0km, Intermediate, elevation gain 225m. The trail takes you from the parking lot along route 2 to the top of the Pic Champlain mountain providing a spectacular view of the park and the St. Lawrence.

Le Contrebandier - Linear, 1.1km, Easy. The trail cuts across the shoreline at Cap a l'Original. The trail can be turned into a loop by connecting to Le Miquelon. You can reach the trail from La Greve bike path or from Le Chemin du Nord.

Le Miquelon - Linear, 1.9km, Easy. The trail is located in the Cap a l'Original area. The trail can be turned into a loop by connecting to Le Contrebandier. You can reach the trail from La Greve bike path or from Le Chemin du Nord.

Les Escalier - Linear, 0.9km, Easy. The trail is located in the Cap a l'Original area. It connects Le Miquelon with Le Scoggan (see these trails for access info.) cross over the Montagne a Michaud. With the connecting trails you can put together a loop.

La Pinade - Linear, 1.0km, Expert. This is a short but difficult out and back located in the Cap a l'Original area of the park. The trail starts just short of half way along Le Scoggan (see the trail info for access).

Le Scoggan - Linear, 2.9km, Intermediate. Following along the north shore of the Baie du Ha! Ha! (gotta luv it!) The trail connects to several other trails in the area. You can turn the whole length of the trail into a loop with beach walks along the edge of the Cap a l'Original (see our note of caution).

Le Sentier Archeologique - Loop, 0.6km, Easy. A very short walk in the park in the Cap a l'Original area the trail loops through an area which has particular archeological significance.

Chemin du Nord - Linear, 3.5km, Easy. This is the main trail into the Cap a l'Original area of the park from the parking lot at the intersection of routes 1 & 2. Most of the other trails in the area branch off of it, and you can hike the whole peninsula's edge with connecting beach walks (see our note of caution).

As we mentioned above there are also several other trails in what the park classifies as wilderness areas. These include trails in the Cap Caribou section, Pointe aux Epinettes and a trail that's referred to as Le Chocolat.

Note: The beaches of Bic present an enticing opportunity for hikers but be keenly aware that Bic has significant tides. Check with the park office regarding beach routes and current tide tables.


Sea Kayaking

Bic is one of the best places we know of for sea kayaking in Quebec (Forillion and of course the Saguenay are other outstanding areas). The bays, inlets, islands and of course the wildlife are good reasons why you should paddle here. If you are new to ocean kayaking, Bic is a good introduction to the challenges brought to you by the tides and ocean waters. Guides are highly recommended.

Havre du Bic
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