Glacier National Park
Address City
P.O. Box 350 Revelstoke
Province Country
BC Canada
Postal Code Phone
V0E 2S0 250-837-7531
Location: The visitor centre at the Rogers Pass Summit is 342 km from Calgary and 643 km to Vancouver.

Size in Hectares or Square km: 1350 Square km.

Mountain Climbing: Glacier National Park is world famous for recreational climbing. It is the acknowledged birthplace of mountaineering in North America.For advice on routes, conditions and applicable fees, contact the Rogers Pass Centre 250-814-5232.

Mount Sir Donald, Rogers Pass, Glacier National Park. Photo by Peter Moore
Rock Climbing: Yes

Backpacking: Glacier has 18 trails ranging from short, valley-bottom strolls, to steep, tough climbs. Random camping is permitted beyond five km from pavement with the exception of Millar Lake. The park has three designated backcountry campsites on the Bald Hills, above the Copperstain Trail: Copperstain Pass, Caribou Pass and 20-mile. Each has tent pads and food storage poles to place food out of reach of bears. There are three backcountry huts available on a first-come, first-served basis The costs vary. Call (250) 814-5232 for details and directions. A wilderness pass is required for backcountry use.

Hiking: Glacier National Park has 18 trails ranging from short, valley-bottom strolls, to steep, tough climbs.

Backcountry and Cross Country Skiing: The trails in the park are neither groomed nor packed. Deep heavy snow is normal. Light, cross-country ski equipment is not suitable for these conditions. Heavier, ski touring or ski mountaineering equipment and techniques are more practical. Route or avalanche hazard inquiries should be referred to the Rogers Pass Centre (250-814-5232).

Hiking with a passenger
National Park.
Photo by Peter Moore
Snowshoeing: Yes

Winter Camping: There are heated backcountry cabins on a first-come first-served basis, at various costs. Call 250-814-5232 for details and directions

Books: Footloose in the Columbias: a hiker's guide to the trails of Mt. Revelstoke and Glacier National / The American Alpine Club Climber's Guide to the Columbia Mountains of Canada Central (1992) / Rogers Pass Snow Avalanche control - a summary, by V.A. Schleiss / Parks Wildlife Checklist (birds, mammals, reptiles, amphibians, fishes), Mount Revelstoke & Glacier National Parks, Natural History Handbook / Vascular Plant Checklist, Mount Revelstoke & Glacier National Parks, Natural History Handbook

Note: Here are the pet laws for Glacier National Park: Yes dogs are allowed in the Park, however, they must be on a leash at all times. There are no extra fees for them.
Glacier National Park is world-famous for recreational climbing. In fact North American mountaineering got its start in this part of the Columbia Mountains. The spectacular terrain and heavy snowfalls of the Selkirk Mountains combine to produce some of the best ski touring opportunities in North America. Friends of Mount Revelstoke & Glacier, 301B Third Street West, Box 2992, Revelstoke, B.C. V0E 2S0, Phone: (250)-837-2010, Fax: (250)-837-7536
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