The Canadian outdoors affords lots of opportunities, one of which is encountering kindred spirits. You'll certainly meet some on the trail but if you're really looking for like minded people, join a Club or Association    
    If they have a web site, check out the Clubs or Associations links. Clubs are amongst the best sources of outdoor information and with so many people with varied experiences they can provide you with a wealth of new ideas. As everybody knows, sharing an experience can be just as important as living it.
  In a group, not only will you find "your kind of people" but you'll also have a chance to contribute to the sport and wilderness that make all of this possible. Whether you lend a hand, share your knowledge or make a monetary contribution you're now truly a part of the whole process; the circle has been completed. Remember: in numbers there is strength and your membership in an Ecological or Land Advocacy group can add to our success in preserving one of the richest wilderness systems in the world
  Whether you're a participant, a competitor or just an enthusiastic observer our Events section has lots of different possibilities for you. If you're an organizer get in Touch With Us or fill our our on-line from to Submit or Update your event, race or activity information (there is no charge for this listing).
  Canada is becoming a favorite destination for birders, whale watchers, Nature photographers and people from all around the world who just want a little peace.
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