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Kouchibouguac National Park is located along the coast of eastern New Brunswick, along the warm waters of the Northumberland Straight which seperates PEI from the main land. Great camping, picture perfect beaches and an extensive cycling trail are some of the things you'll find at the park. The park has a number of hiking trails as well as backcountry camping. If you've never paddled a sea kayak, this has got to be one of the best places to start out in Canada.  
The setting sun from Kouchibouguac's
protective sand dune.
Location: Located in Kent County, one hour north of Moncton. From Moncton take the 15 to Shediac and then either Hwy. 11 heading north, or the more scenic Rte. 134. From the north take the 8 from Bathurst to Miramichi then the 11.

Season: Open year-round. Full services from mid-May to mid-October

Mountain Biking/Cycling: 32 km of trails. Half of the 32 kilometers are crushed stone and the other half is winding, twisting single track - the "Grinning from Ear-to-Ear Trail". The crushed stone section is easy peddling and is a great introduction to the park. If you have panniers for your bike you can peddle into the Petit Large camping area to spend the night. There are mountain biking rentals in the park. Cyclists must wear a helmet in New Brunswick.  
Part of the 32 kilometers of bike trail in the park
Backpacking: There are wilderness campsites along the Kouchibouguac River Trail, allowing you to you to do some backpacking . The Sipu camping area has 4 sites, a permit is required from the park office. You can also hike into the Petit Large camping area along the biking path or if you have panniers for you're bike you can peddle in.

Hiking: The park has 40km of hiking trails.

Beaver Trail: Easy, 1.4km. If you're interested in beavers and their interaction with thier environment spend some time taking a walk along this trail. The trail is accessed from the park road.

Bog Trail: Easy, 1.8km. The trail leeds you to a viewing tower where you have an excellent view over Kelly's Bog. Further on you'll find an observation deck off the boardwalk.

Cedars Trail: Easy, 1.2km.The trail gives you a perspective on the the life of a lagoon and takes you to the parks famous sand dunes, as well as giving you access to Callanders Beach.

Claire Fontaine Trail: Easy, 3.4km. The trail follows the beautiful Rankin Brook and the steep banks of the Black River. The trail is accessed outside of the main park area off the 117.

Kelly's Beach Trail: Easy, 0.5km. This is the most popular trail in the park. It takes you to Kelly's beach as well as giving you a first hand look at the famous sand dunes of Kouchibouguac.

Kouchibouguac River Trail: Intermediate, 14km. This is the longest trail in the park. It runs along the south bank of the Kouchibouguac River. This is a great trail for getting to know the park. It should take about 4 to 5 hours to complete. The Sipu wilderness camping area is located along the trail.

Osprey Trail: The trail follows the banks of the Black River, where bird life is abundant, partly because of the rich fishing opportunities for birds like the Osprey.

Pine Trail: Easy, 0.8km. This is a self-guided nature trail that runs through a white pine forest. There are interpretive signs along the way.

Salt Marsh Trail: Easy, 0.6km. This is an interesting trail, allowing you to observe one of the unique ecological zones in the park.

Tweedie Trail: Easy, 1km. Following this trail you will get a great view of the Kouchibouguac River and its fields and marshes. Keep a look out for the parks many species of birds.

Front Country Camping:

South Kouchibouguac Campground: 311 sites, 46 serviced. The parks main campground it's located at the mouth of Kouchibouguac River. The campground has flush toilets showers, kitchen shelters and a trailer dumping station.

Cote-a-Fabien: 32 unserviced sites. The campground has vault toilets and is located outside of the main park area across the Kouchibougauc River.

Reservations can be made through the parks website via Parks Canada Camping

Backcountry Camping:

Sipu: 4 sites located along the nature trail that follows the southern shore of the Kouchibouguac River.

Petit Large: 8 sites located along the cycling/hiking trails which work there way around the main park area.

Pointe-a-Maxime: 4 sites located south of the main park area on the edge of the Saint-Louis Lagoon. The campsites can only be reached by water.


Backcountry and Cross Country Skiing: Groomed cross country trails.

Winter Camping: There is year-round camping in the park. Check with the park for details.

A vista along the hiking trail that follows the Kouchibouguac River.
Sea Kayaking: Without a doubt this has got to be one of the best places to introduce new comers to the sport of sea kayaking on the Atlantic Coast. Most of the parks shore line is made up of lagoons protected by sand dunes. There are salt marshes, river mouths, beaches and islands. The tides, the sea birds and the grey and harbour seals all add to the adventure making the area a great introduction to salt water paddling. If you want to spend the night out, there is a wilderness campsite with 4 placements at Pointe-a-Maxime on the Saint Louis Lagoon. Rentals are available at Ryans near South Kouchibouguac campground. Unless you are an expreience sea kayaker do not venture around the dunes, stay in the protected waters off shore.
Canoeing: There are eight rivers flowing into the park as well as lots of protected waters behind the parks extensive sand dunes. Take an easy paddle along the Kouchibouguac River or explore the marshes of the dunes. There is a wilderness campsite, with 4 placements at Pointe-a-Maxime on the Saint Louis Lagoon. Canoes are available for rent near South Kouchibouguac Campground. There are also trips available in a replica of a voyageur canoe.  
A beaver lodge along the bike trail
Located on the Acadian Coast, Kouchibouguac boasts the warmest salt water north of Virginia. Along with its 225 species of birds, the park is helping to save the endangered piping plover. You can call the Moncton Naturalist Club for more information at: 1 506-384-6397

Kayaking Kouchibouguac

Accomodations: Richibucto - Auberge O'Leary Inn, Habitant Motel and Restaurant


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