Located on the shores of Big Rideau Lake southwest of Smith Falls and almost directly south of Perth in Eastern Ontario. The park has great camping and provides hikers access to the Rideau Trail, and paddlers to the Rideau Waterway. In the winter the park has over 20km of groomed trails for cross country skiing. There are a number of historically significant sites in the park including a mine and a log cabin from the early 1800s.  


The park has great camping with lots of shaded sites. There are 160 front country sites, 27 of which have electricity. The campgrounds have showers, flush toilets, a store and a laundromat . The park has two main campgrounds, Hogg Bay which is the closest to the water and Fallows Campground which provides you with a little more privacy. There are three group campsites in the park as well. The park has several areas for swimming.

Hiking & Backpacking

There are over 16km of hiking trails in the park, ranging in length from the 0.5km Prospectors Bunkhouse Trail to the 6.5km (one way) section of the Rideau Trail, that passes through the park. You can hike out to the point and find a little solitude on the aptly named Point Trail or follow the Beaver Pond Trail, which will take you to the remains of the Silver Queen Mine. Through hikers on the Rideau Trail use the park as one of their major stops on route. Alternatively backpackers can use the park as the starting point on a trip to Ottawa or Kingston. You can also backpack a short distance to one of the canoe campsites on the point. This makes for a great introduction to backpacking for novices or kids. For more information on the Rideau Trail see our Resources section.


The park is located on the Rideau Waterway, which presents a great opportunity for sea kayaking. Often overlooked by paddlers the waterway makes an excellent extended sea kayaking trip and contrary to what many think, the waterway has some beautiful natural sections. The park also has a short canoe route of 12 kilometres, which works its way from Nobles Bay, around the point into the Narrows and Hogg Bay and then through Loon Lake back to the put in. You have to take two portage trails on route. There are several campsites you can take advantage of along the route. The park has canoe rentals. Consult with the park for reservations and more detailed information on the canoe route, you'll find the park link in our Resources section.


There are two short trails where bikes are allowed, the McParlan House Trail and part of the Silver Queen Mine Trail. You can of course take advantage of the parks roads as well.

Cross Country Skiing & Snowshoeing

In the winter the park is open for cross country skiers once the conditions permit. There are over 20km of track set trails in the park, which make their way along Noble Bay and in and around Hogg Bay and Loon Lake. The trails are mostly novice level with some intermediate ones thrown in. Snowshoers can break trail almost anywhere in the park but keep off of the lakes and rivers. There is a heated lodge and an area set aside for waxing. Fee





From Toronto take the 401 east to Gananoque, then head north on the 32 and pick up the 15 to Crosby. At Crosby take the 14 north, then head east on the 21 and watch for the signs for the park. From Ottawa take the 417 west and pick up the 7 west of Kanata. Stay on the 7 all the way to Perth, then take the 1 south, where you'll pick up the 21 heading west. Watch for the signs for the park From Montreal take the 20 to the 401 which will take you to Brockville. From Brockville head north on the 29 to pick up the 1. Follow the 1 and head west on the 21, then watch for the park sign.


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