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Biking and Cycling in Ontario

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Ontario Rail Trails and Bicycle Paths

Ottawa & Eastern Ontario Rail Trails and Bike Paths

Capital Pathway ( Ottawa-Gatineau Bike Network) - 170km - 300km Ottawa, Gatineau and Alymer have an extensive bike path system which winds through the park and follows the shores of the Ottawa River. There are connections into the extensive network of trails across the river in Ottawa which wind along the Ottawa's far shore and follow the Rideau further inland. The pathways connect innumerable parks and points of interest and are one of the best ways to explore the National Capital Region. You'll find a wealth of facilities as well as restaurants and accommodations all along the route. National Capital Commission City of Ottawa

Gatineau Park - Ottawa (Quebec) - The park has 90km of cycling trials which are best suited to a hybrid or mountain bike. The trails are largely mix usage so you have to provide the right of way to hikers. You can also do some downhilling in the park at Camp Fortune. Follow the link for more information. Note: Gatineau Park is just across the river from Ottawa in the Province of Quebec

Prescott Russell Recreational Trail - 72km, Easy, Prescott-Russell This is predominantly a cycling trail (snow mobiles are permitted in the winter) which has been converted from an old rail bed. The trail starts just outside Ottawa west of the Town of Hammond and passes just north of the Larose Forest passing through Bourget and on east just to the south of Planganet and north of the Alfred Bog on it's way to Vankleek Hill. There are plans to continue the trail through St Eugene (just to the south of Voyageur Provincial Park, which has camping) to the Quebec border. Outside of the towns the trail is largely rural passing through the farmlands of the lower Ottawa Valley. There are pavilions on route in or just outside the towns of Hammond, Bourget, Planganet and Vankleek Hill (with one still to be built in the Town of St Eugene) where you can access the trail.

St Lawrence Recreational Path - The trail follows along the St Lawrence river stretching from Morrisburg to the Quebec border. The sections of the trail are in various stages of development ranging from a paved pathway to lines on a planners map. Leaving Morrisburg and heading east you'll be traveling on a designated lane along a paved road shoulder. When you reach Upper Canada Village the trail switches to a pathway with a crushed gravel surface. At the Migratory bird sanctuary the pathways surface is paved and takes you to the Long Sault Parkway where you have to share the roadway. The parkway is a part of the St. Lawrence Parks system and picnic areas abound and camping is available if you're equipped for an overnight stay. When you exit the park the pathway continues off road and the surface is completely paved all the way to the far side of Cornwall. The path continues on through Glen Walter, Summerstown and Lancaster but the surface switches back to crushed stone once you're through Cornwall. From Lancaster to the Quebec border the path is still in the planning stages. Once the extension is complete you'll be able to connect into the Route Verte, Quebec's phenomenal trail network which will take you into Montreal and beyond.

Greater Toronto Bike Paths and Rail Trails

The Ravines (Toronto) Toronto's ravines offer the best of off road cycling with paved paths or crushed stones you can easily ride a hybrid or road bike in most areas. Consult the online map for all of the different routes. Another interesting ride is the Beltway which has connections into the ravine trail system. With the extensive network of ravines and connecting trails, cycling to work is a great option for many people in the city.

Water Front Trail (Southwester, South Central and Eastern Ontario) - This ambitious project to reclaim the Ontario waterfront from Niagara to Quinte West (and it doesn't look like it will stop there) provides some excellent cycling areas in Toronto and Mississauga and beyond. Check out the link to the Waterfront Trust to get more information.

For Cycling and Biking accross Canada see our Canadian Cycling Page!.


North Central Ontario Rail Trails and Bike Paths

Georgian Trail - 32km, Easy, Linear, Stone Dust, Cycling, Hiking, Backpacking, Cross Country Skiing. The trail is a rail bed without any steep inclines so it's suitable for cyclists of all levels. The trail runs from Meaford, through Thornbury and on to Collingwood, following alongside the shores of Nottawasaga Bay (Southern Georgian Bay). It passes by beaches, through small urban centers, through forest and field and is easily access from the towns (parking is available) mentioned or any of almost thirty other points. Extreme care should be taken where the trail crosses roads and highways. You'll find shops, restaurants, campgrounds (Craigleith) and roofed accommodations in the towns. To reach the trail, take the 26 from the 400 just north of Barrie. Meaford, Thornbury, Craiglieth, Collingwood, Grey & Simcoe Counties

Keppel Rail Trail - 12.8km, Easy, Linear, Stone Dust (8.8km), crushed gravel (4km), Cycling/Mountain biking, Biking, Backpacking, Cross Country Skiing, Horseback Riding. The trail runs from Parkhead to Ben Allen, at the base of the Bruce Peninsula west of Owen Sound.
The trail passes through wetlands, fields, shrub and forest, as well as the town of Shallow Lake. Access is available from any of the three towns mentioned. You can also reach the trail via the Sarawak Rail Trail, which starts (or ends) in Owen Sound and connects to the Keppel Trail at Ben Allen. From Owen sound follow the 21 to the 6 north for Shallow Lake, the 21 to the 10 north for Park Head or head west from Owen Sound a short distance to Country Road 17 and head north to Ben Allen. The trail is open to snowmobiles in the winter. Grey County

North Simcoe Rail Trail/Tiny Trail - 30km (52km), Cycling/Mountain Biking, Hiking, Backpacking. The trail runs from just west of Barrie in the south, to Elmvale in the north, where the Tiny section is to begin and continue about 22km on to Midland. The trail passes through the Minnesing Swamp providing a nice overlook of this impressive area. As this was written, the smooth surface runs out about 12km into the ride, but this will change over time. The trial has some sections on road and also crosses several roads and highways, where you should dismount and proceed with extreme caution. Take exit 96 on the 400 at Barrie and head west on Highway 90, where it's just short of 10km to Pinegrove Road. The trail starts just after the railway crossing (do not park on the railway crossing the tracks are still in use). Barrie, Simcoe County Note: Like many of Ontario's rail trails, this is a work in progress.

Oro Medonte/Lake Country Rail Trail - 28km, Hiking, Mountain Biking, Snowshoeing, XC, Original Rail bed. The trail parallels Ridge Road just above the Lake Simcoe's shoreline, running from the northern outskirts of Barrie to the southern edge of Orillia. The trail is accessible at the end of Penetanguishene Road at Lake Simcoe in the south, or at Woodland Avenue and Woodland Road just south of Orillia, in the north. From Orillia follow the 12 west to Memorial Avenue and turn south to Woodland. From Barrie follow Georgian Drive passed the hospital and head south on Penetanguishene. Simcoe County

Paisley Trail - 6km, Easy, Linear, Cycling, Hiking, Snowshoeing. The trail follows along the top of flood dykes, through fields and forested areas on its way to downtown Paisley and then over the Teeswater River to the Dykes of the Saugeen. You'll find parking at Dr. Milne and Rotary Park. From Guelph follow the 7 north to the nine then pick up the 3 from Mildmay. Paisley, Bruce County

Sarawak Rail Trail - 3km, Easy, Linear, Stonedust, Cycling, Hiking, Backpacking, Cross Country Skiing, Horseback Riding. Basically the trail is a continuation of the Keppel Rail Trail which it connects to at Ben Allen. From Ben Allen, the trail continues down the escarpment to Owen Sound ending on Range Road in the cities west end. You can reach the connection point of the two trails from Owen Sound by driving a short distance west to Country Road 17 and heading north to Ben Allen. Owen Sound, Ben Allen, Grey County

Saugeen Rail Trail - 9km, Easy, Linear, Stonedust, Cycling, Hiking, Backpacking, Cross Country Skiing. The trail parallels the Lake Huron shoreline between Port Elgin and Southampton. Access the trial just north of Port Elgin at River Street or in Southampton on McNabb Street. Port Elgin can be reached from Guelph by following the 7 to the 9 to Midmay, then the 3 to the 17. Southampton is west of Owen Sound along the 21. Port Elgin, Southampton, Bruce County.

Saugeen River Trail - 5.5km, Easy, Linear, Stonedust, Cycling, Hiking, Cross Country Skiing. The trail follows the Saugeen River beside the town of Walkerton just south of Owen Sound. There are several access points on route. Walkerton can be reached from the south by following the 7 to the 9 north. Walkerton, Bruce County

Thornton-Cookstown Trail - Hiking, Mountain Biking, Snowshoeing, XC Skiing, SM. The trial starts just to the west of Cookstown off the 89 and follows the Cookstown Creek passed Thornton over to the 53.

Uhthoff Trail - 25km, Easy, Linear, Stonedust, Cycling, Hiking, Backpacking, Cross Country Skiing, Horseback Riding. The trial runs through forest and field from Orillia to Coldwater, with a connection to the 6km Lightfoot Trail in Orillia. The trail is accessible in Orillia at Wilson Point Road. Orillia is located off Highway 11 north of Barrie. There are a number of road crossings with a high concentration in the Orillia area, dismount and proceed with extreme caution. The trail sees snowmobile use in the winter. Orillia, Coldwater, Simcoe County

Municipal Trails Central Ontario North

Barrie Waterfront Trail - Hiking, MTB, XC, Snowshoeing

Midland Rotary Waterfront Trail - Cycling, Hiking, Snowshoeing, XC Skiing, Paved and Crushed Stone Dust

Penetanguishene Rotary Park Trail - Hiking, Cycling, XC, Snowshoeing, Snowmobiles, Paved and Crushed Stone - Joins with the Tiny Trail at the west end of town and leads into the port. On the outskirts it runs through forest and field.

Orillia Trails for Life - 9.5km, Hiking, Cycling, Cross Country Skiing, Snowshoeing, Roller Blading, Paved.

Trans Canada Trail

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Ontario Bike Shops

Toronto Region - Toronto, Mississauga, Scarborough, Brampton


Ottawa & Eastern Ontario - Ottawa, Kingston, Brockville, Smith Falls, Cornwall


Northern Ontario - Thunderbay, Sault St Marie, Northbay, Sudbury






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Ontario Cycling Clubs and Associations

Toronto Region

Central Ontario North Cycling Clubs - Georgian Bay, Muskoka, Lake Simcoe, Grey County and Bruce Peninsula

Central Ontario South Cycling Clubs - Peterborough, Karwathas, Haiburton, Bancroft


Ottawa & Eastern Ontario Cycling Clubs - Ottawa, Kingston, Thousand Islands, Brockville, Cornwall

Southwestern Ontario Cycling Clubs - Niagara Falls, Windsor, Kitchener, Waterloo


Northern Ontario Cycling Clubs - Thunder Bay, Sault St Marie, Northbay, Sudbury



Ontario Provincial Outdoor Associations


Outdoor Retailers Canada

Alberta Outdoor Retailers


British Columbia Outdoor Retailers

Vancouver Coast and Mountains


Vancouver Island

Gulf Islands


Ontario Outdoor Retailers

Central Ontario


Nova Scotia



Quebec Outdoor Retailers


  • ABC Cycles - 5584 Ave. Du Parc, Outremont, Montreal
  • Altitude Sports Plain Air - Outdoor Gear Retailer, Montreal, Montreal, Quebec
  • Andre Jac Sport - Outdoor Gear Retailer, 5520, boul des Laurentides, Laval
  • Andre Lalonde Sport - Outdoor Retailer, Multiple Locations, Montreal & Laval
  • Atmosphere - Outdoor Gear, Multiple Locations, Montreal
  • Le Baron - Outdoor Gear Montreal, Montreal, Quebec
  • Bicycle Eddy - 6431 Monk, NDG
  • Bicyclettes Tranquille - 9611 Lasalle Blvd, LaSalle, Montreal
  • Boutique Couririer - Endurance Sports, Outremont, Pointe-Claire, Westmount, Montreal
  • Boutique Lafuma - 2180 Crescent Street, Downtown, Montreal
  • Caroule - Retail, Bike & Inline Skate Rentals, 27 De la Commune Street E., Old Montreal
  • La Cordee - Outdoor Gear Retailer, Bicycles, Camping, Canoe, Kayak and Climbing Equipment Rental, 2159 St. Catherine St. E., Montreal, 2777 St. Martin Blvd. W., Laval
  • Cycle Pop - 1000 Rachel East, Montreal
  • Detour Nature - Kayak and Canoe Rentals (Groups), Paddling School, Guided Trips, Transportation, 154 rue Villeray Montréal
  • Doug Anakin Sports - Cross Country & Backcountry Ski Rentals - 454A Beaconsfield Blvd., 514-695-0785, Beaconsfield
  • Foot Locker - Athletic Footwear, Multiple Locations, Montreal
  • Fraser Sports - Traditional Sports, 39-a Donnegani, Pointe-Claire, West Island, Montreal
  • Inukshuk - Montreal Outdoor Retailer, Rents Kayaks, Snowshoes, Camping Equipment, Montreal
  • Joe Sports - Traditional Sports, Downtown, West Island, Montreal
  • Kanuk - 485 Rachel, E., Montreal
  • Maison de Sport - Traditional Sports, Downtown & West Island, Montreal
  • Maison des Cyclistes 1251 Rachel E., Montreal
  • Marseille Bicycle & Sports - 6915, Marseille St., Montreal
  • Martin-Swiss - 313 Victoria, Westmount, Montreal
  • McWhinnies Cycle - 6010 Sherbrooke West, NDG, Montreal
  • Mountain Equipment Co-op - 8989, l'Acadie, Marché Central, Montreal
  • Nordic Norway - Outdoor Gear Retailer, Kayak Rentals, 127 Ste-Anne St., Ste-Anne-de-Bellevue, Montreal
  • Oberson - Snowboards - Brossard and Montreal
  • La Porte a Bicyclette - 4308 Hotel-de-Ville, Montreal
  • Pro Sports - Traditional Sports, Downtown, West Island, Montreal
  • Quilicot Bicycles - 1749 St-Denis, Downtown, Montreal
  • Robert Cycle & Sports - 9031 Airlie street, LaSalle
  • Rousseau Sports - Traditional Sports, Multiple Locations, Montreal, Laval, South Shore
  • Sport G.S. - Sport G.S. - 1135 boul. Arthur Sauvé Blvd., Laval
  • Sports Experts - Outdoor Retailer, Several Locations, Montreal
  • St-Laurent Cycles - 1344 Du Collège, St. Laurent, Montreal
  • Vélo 2000- Longquile, St-Hubert, Monteregie
  • Velo Adventure - Retail, Bike Rentals, Conveyor Pier, Old Port, Montreal
  • Velo Montreal - Retail, Bike Rentals
  • Velo Trizone - 112, Boul. Curé Labelle, Laval
  • Yeti Sports - Outdoor Retailer, Rents Camping, Snowshoeing, and Backcountry Skiing Gear, 5190, boul. Saint-Laurent, Montreal (Also Trois Riviere and Shawnigan)

    Quebec - Montreal the Surrounding Regions

  • Aqua Plein Air - Outdoor Gear, Sainte Therese, Laurentians
  • Atmosphere - Outdoor Gear, St. Sauveur, Laurentians
  • Le Bivouac - Outdoor Gear, 210 rue Principale, Granby, Eastern Townships
  • La Cordee - Outdoor Gear, Rents almost all outdoor equipment, Laval
  • Cycles Dussault - Bicycles, Morin Heights, Laurentians
  • En Equilibre - Snowboards, Skateboards, Boul. de la Concorde E.
  • Hudson Village Cycle - Hudson
  • Intersport Jacque Champoux - Snowboards, 74 rue St-Vincent, Ste-Agathe-des-Monts
  • Oberson - Snowboards - Montreal and Brossard
  • Le Outlet Audvik - Outdoor Retailer, Vaudreuil-Dorion, Monteregie
  • Performance Board Shop - Snowboards, Saint-Sauveur, Laurentians
  • Phenix Sport - Canoe, Bicycle Rentals, P'tit Train du Nord & Riviere du Nord, Val David, Laurentians
  • Primeau Velo - Bicycles, Brossard
  • Rousseau Sports - Traditional Sports, Multiple Locations, Montreal, Laval, South Shore
  • Roy Folland Wooden Kayaks - Hudson, Monteregie
  • South Parc - 8100 Taschereau Blvd., Brossard, Monteregie
  • Sport Direct - Bicycles, Valleyfield
  • Sport Vélo Plein Air - Bicycles (819) 278-3655, Mont-Laurier, Laurentians
  • Le Suroit - Outdoor Retailer, Vaudreuil-Dorion, Monteregie
  • Velo Chambly - Bicycles, 1731 Bourgogne, Chambly, Monteregie

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