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Pacific Rim

The Wild Pacific Trail is one of the most beautiful trails on Canada's west coast. As a real bonus it's also one of the coasts most accessible trails. Located just south of Pacific Rim National Park in Ucluelet, on Vancouver Islands west coast, you can drive to one of the four entrances where you'll also find parking. The trail's path makes for easy walking and is essentially flat so you don't have to be an athlete to negotiate it. The trail is broken up into two sections which can be access individually by car. Another option is to link them through a walk along Peninsula Road and Marine Drive (approximately 2km). The shorter peninsula section links to He-Tin-Kis Park (where you'll find parking - another parking area is a short distance down the road) and takes you out along the rugged shore line to Amphitrite Lighthouse, then loops back to the second parking lot, a distance of 2.5km.. The longer section has parking off Marine Drive and Forbes Road. Beginning at Big Beach you' follow the shoreline path through exceptional scenery for about 4km.Plans are to continue the trail all the way to Florencia Bay in Pacific Rim National Park. Once this final section is complete it should be possible to hike from one end of the Pac-Rim peninsula to the to other, from Tofino to Ucluelet. For the truly fanatical hiker you could string together this hike with the West Coast Trail, the Juan de Fuca Trail, the Galloping Goose Trail and the Lockside Trail to make you're way down the coast, through Victoria and then on to the Swartz Bay Ferry terminal. So who will be the first one to hike from Tofino to Vancouver?

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Pacific Rim




Wild life viewing is one of the attractions of the trail but be aware that it's not impossible that you may also meet bears, wolves and cougars along the way. Take the necessary precautions, including knowing how to deal them in case of an encounter, keep small children close by as you walk and ensure that pets stay on leash at all times.

In high season particularly, you might want to find alternative parking arrangements, as the lots often get full. Storms may present the possibility of blow downs, while rogue waves may present another danger, practice caution and keep to the trial if you go during inclement weather.

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Pacific Rim


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