Point Pelee National Park
Address City
1118 Point Pelee Dr., R. R. #1 Leamington
Province Country
ON Canada
Postal Code Phone
N8H 3V4 519-322-2365
Fax: 519-322-1277

Park info line: 519-322-2371, recorded message, updated daily during spring and fall migration.

Location: Point Pelee is at the most southerly point in Canada. It is approximately 50 km from Windsor. From hwy 401 you head south on hwy 77. The park is about 10 km from the town of Leamington

Photo courtesy Parks Canada
  Hiking: There are 12 km of hiking and interpretive trails in the park. The Centennial Biking/Hiking Trail is a 4 km long multi-use trail between the Marsh Boardwalk and the Visitor Centre. The Woodland Nature Trail is a 2.75 km interpretive trail that takes you through a mixture of swamp and dry forest of red cedar savannah and grassland that make Point Pelee so inhabitable for the wildlife that make this park home.  
Photo courtesy Parks Canada
Birding: Point Pelee National Park is world-famous. It is the best migrant trap in inland North America. It's easy to observe as many as 100 species of birds a day, and experienced birders may see or hear in excess of 120. Up to 360 species have been recorded in Point Pelee and the surrounding area. Many very rare birds have been spotted in the park.
Photo courtesy Parks Canada
Point Pelee is probably best known for its great diversity of songbirds (55 species), most of the North American Warbler species can be found here and Warblers tend to be the highlight in spring migration.
Photo courtesy Parks Canada
The autumn migration brings golden eagle, peregrine falcon, red-necked phalarope, long-billed dowitcher, northern saw-whet owl, jaegers, Baird's, stilt and buff-breasted sandpipers (all very rare in spring) can be found regularly during the fall season. In September, visitors are often treated to the sight of hundreds of sharp-shinned hawks, American kestrels, and other birds of prey lingering at the Tip.
Cross Country Skiing: There is good skiing in the park but no groomed trails. The park is very flat, making it good for beginners. There is also great skating at Point Pelee.

White Pine picnic area is a shelter for cross country skiers. There is a wood stove and the wood is provided by the Park. You can reserve White Pine picnic area for a small fee by contacting the Park at: 519-322-2365

Canoeing: You can paddle through Point Pelee National Park's marsh which makes up almost two thirds of the Park. A fantastic choice for a canoeist/birder. You can rent canoes from the Cattail Café at the Marsh Boardwalk. It is run by the Friends of Point Pelee.  
Photo courtesy Parks Canada
Note: Here are the pet laws for Point Pelee National Park: Dogs are not allowed in the group campground area of Point Pelee National Park. They are permitted in the rest of the park. They must be kept under the physical control of the owner at all times by means of a leash not to exceed 3 meters in length or in a container or motor vehicle. There is no additional charge for pets.
Point Pelee is one of the most significant conservation areas in Canada - a birders' paradise. For a few special days each autumn, Point Pelee is a temporary home to thousands of migrating Monarch butterflies.
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