The park is located in the St. Lawrence River just south of Montreal's east end. It's made up of the islands of Ile Saiinte-Marguerite, Ile Saint-Jean, Ile-a-Pinard, Ile-de-la Commune and Ile Grosbois. The area is a mix of grasslands, forest and marsh. If you bring a lunch, you'll find dozens and dozens of picnic tables to choose from. Many of the tables are in shaded areas, and in what is a nice touch, a few isolated ones are place under willow trees by the river bank (arrive early if you want to secure one of these picturesque sites). The park has cycling paths and hiking paths most of which run in parallel, so be mindful. During the winter the trails are available to cross country skiers and snowshoers. The islands channels provide protected waterways for paddlers, with another series of islands north of the park separating the you from the expanse of the St. Lawrence.  

If your a nature lover the park serves you up some great birding, particularly during migration. You'll also find this to be one of the easiest to places to spot white tail deer in the Province of Quebec (drive with caution as you enter the park). As a matter of fact, we would be surprised if you spent a day here without seeing one.

    You'll also find a golf course in the park on Ile-a-Pinard. While there's no camping in the park, you can still stay a couple of days by booking a room at the Hotel de Gourveneur, a short walk outside the park's entrance. The park's staff offer a number of guided tours, for nature observation, cycling, hiking and even a trip in a rabaska canoe can be arranged. Inquire with the park office for details on any of these and pick up the brochure and map while you're at it.  


If you love to bicycling but don't like cars you've found the perfect haven. While there are a few places where you have to cross the road on Ile Sainte-Maruerite, once you take the small ferry to the other lslands you won't see much with four wheels. Pleasant scenery, a sunny day, a bike with paniers packed with a picnic and a good companion, you can't ask for much more.

Overall the park has 20km of cycling paths with relatively smooth natural surfaces and not much in the way of a grade. You can rent bicycles in the park if you haven't brought your own.


Most of the parks hiking trails follow along side or on the bike network, with short spurs that allow you to explore a little further from the main path. On Iles Sainte-Marguerite there are three trials set aside exclusively for hikers. In total there are over 20km of easy going hiking to be found in the park.


While the park is well know for it's cycling, paddlers have a leisurely 28km circuit, which wraps around the outer edges of Ile Saint-Jean, Ile-a-Pinard and Ile-de-la-Commune. This is a great paddle for nature lovers, where you can scour the marshes and river banks for wildlife. The route is protected from the broader St Lawerence and it's stronger currents (although you are in narrow channels of the river on the north and south sides of the circuit). You can rent canoes and kayaks (good ones too) in the park or you can bring your own. If you bring your own boat, be aware that their is no direct access to a launching point, so you'll have to portage, carry or drag your floating friend a short distance to a put-in.

Cross Country Skiing & Snowshoeing

In the winter time part of the trail system is open to cross country skiers and snowshoers. Take note, the ski trails are not groomed, so you may have to break trail yourself. The park also has 5km of trails available for winter hikers. Snow shoes can be rented at the park.





In the summer the park can be accessed easily by car, or from the South Shore and the Island of Montreal via water taxi. If you're driving from Montreal take the 40 (or Sherbrooke) east to the 25 then head south to the tunnel. When you see daylight again take the very first exit, which will bring you into the park. The park has an admission fee.

Ile-de-Boucherviille - Official Site
Hotel de Gouverneur - At the front entrance

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