Montreal has surprising good hiking within the city limits and lots more hiking and backpacking in the surrounding regions. The first place you might want to try is of course the Mountain, Mont Royal. There are dozens of trails and pathways that crisscross the area. You can start at Beaver Lake, or if you want a better workout, hike up from Avenue du Parc. Montreal's Nature Parks are another obvious destination. Scattered along the north shore of the island, all of them have trails through fields, forest, wetlands and shoreline marsh. A bit of a surprise to us was the excellent trail system in the forested sections of Angrignon Park, in LaSalle. After all, not every city lets you step out of a subway and head directly into the woods.

In the surrounding region you find a lot more trails at every level of difficulty, including long distance ones for the backpackers. Some of our favorite single day destinations, with easy access and easy hiking, include Parc Riviere du Nord, Parc Yamaska and Parc Oka. If you're looking for greater challenges try Mont Ham, Parc Sutton or the recently developed Devils Mountain.


Backpackers looking for a one or two night outing should have a look at our listings for Mont Orford, Mont Tremblant and Mont Megantic for starters. If you favour longer trips consider the 82km Sentiers Frontaliers, the 74km Longue Randonee Pedestre in Tremblant Park. or the 160km Sentier de l'Estrie. There are plenty of other long distance trails in Quebec's other regions as well. Finally, if you really want to test your metal with a pair of hiking boots on, set your sites on Forlllion Park (two days by car), in the Gaspesie, where you can hike into Maine (of for that matter all the way to Georgia in the south and in the future the northern tip of Newfoundland, with the inclusion of a ferry ride, of course) along the International Appalachian Trail.



  • Parc Bois-de-Liesse - Regional Nature Park, Montreal
  • Parc Bois-de-l'lle-Bizard - Regional Nature Park, Montreal
  • Parc Cap-Saint-Jacques - Regional Nature Park, Montreal
  • Parc I'lle-de-la Visitation - Regional Nature Park, Montreal
  • Parc Point-aux-Prairies - Regional Nature Park, Montreal
  • Mont Royal - The Mountain, Montreal
  • Parc Jean Drapeau - Montreal
  • Parc Angrignon - Montreal
  • Parc Maisonneuve - Montreal
  • Parc de la Riviere des Mille-Iles - Laval
  • Parc Bois Durvernay - Laval
  • Parc Bois Papineau - Laval
  • Park des Prairies - Laval
  • Surrounding Regions

    Bois de Belle Riviere - 17km+, novice.

    The park has a number of hiking trails which are used in the winter for cross country skiing. There are huts you can rent for overnight stays. There are also two sugar shacks to visit in the spring... more - Laurentians

    Devil's Mountain - 30km, Intermediate/Advanced

    There are two overnight locations on the Devil's Mountain trail system which has over 30km of trails. The mountain is the second highest in the Laurentians at 783 m. The trail system is just to the west of the town of Ferme-Neuve... more - Laurentians

    Domaine Vert

    The park is in a lovely natural area with an extensive trail system. Easy access and a variety of activities make it a popular local destination... more - Laurentians

    Doncaster Park

    A beautiful nature park a short distance from Ste. Adele. The park follows the Doncaster River as it makes its way to the Riviere du Nord. The trials connect to the P'tit Train du Nord... more - Laurentians


    18km, Four hiking trials climb to the top of the 700m mountain, providing a spectacular view of the surroundings as the reward for your efforts. Unserviced campsites are available for overnight stays in the area... more - Eastern Townships

    Mont Hereford - 12km of intermediate/expert

    The trails are dedicated to hikers (mountain bikers have their own trail system). Access is from the Village of East Herford or Saint-Herménégilde. You can follow the Neil-Tillotson Trail to the summit for a spectacular view... more - Eastern Townships

    Mont Megantic Park (Provincial) - 70km, Novice - Expert

    Located just outside Notre-Dame-des-Bois, you'll find 70km of trials throughout the park with huts as well as camp sites with platforms. The park trails range from easy open jeep tracks to extended twisted climbs which will give you a really good work out... more 3hrs from Montreal, Eastern Townships

    Mont-Orford Park (Provincial)

    The park is just outside Magog and sports 75 km of hiking trails which are accessible to day hikers. Back country camping along the Sentier de l'Estrie, which cuts through the park will allow you to hike an out and back and make a weekend of it... more 1.5hrs from Montreal, Eastern Townships

    Mont Tremblant Park (Provincial)

    Hikers are well served by Parc Tremblant with dozens of trails to choose from. There are a number of trails, such as La Roche and La Corniche which lead to spectacular viewpoints and others, such as the Chute-aux-Rats which end at the base of majestic waterfalls... more - Laurentians

    Oka Park - 30km, Easy-Intermediate

    The park is 23.7 square km in size, with about 30km of trail in all, providing great opportunities for bird watchers and hikers. There are 3 main trails in the park. The 5.5 km Le Calvaire d'Oka, a historic trail... more - Laurentians

    Parc d'Environnement natural de Sutton

    The park has 77km of trails, with huts as well as backcountry campsites. There are number of trails that climb to the peaks in the park, including the Sommet Rond, which provides a breath taking view of the area... more Eastern Townships

    Park de la Gorge Coaticook

    The park has 10km of trails, including a section along the river gorge that crosses the longest suspension bridge (footbridge) in the world. The trails also access a large birding and lookout tower... more - Eastern Townships

    Rivière-du-Nord - 32km, novice

    A beautiful regional park just off highway 15 outside of Saint-Jerome. The park lies along the P'tit Train du Nord (the Laurentian's 200km rail trail) on the shores of the Riviere-du-Nord. The Chutes Wilson are a great spectacle, particularly in the spring... more - Laurentians

    Les Sentiers de l'Estrie - Intermediate - Expert, 160km, fee (club membership), Kingsbury - Sutton - US Border

    A long distance linear trial winding through the Townships and crossing some of it's major peaks. Day hikers can park at either end of the trail or take advantage of the parking lots along route... more - Eastern Townships

    Sentiers Frontaliers - (Frontier Trail) - 82km, Intermediate - Expert

    With 82km of linear trail along with 26km of side trails, the trail starts in Mont-Megantic and finishes in ZEC Louise Gosford, at Montagne Noire, on the US border with Maine. Day hikers can do out and backs (there is also a possible loop) from the access points at either end of the trail. At the Mont Megantic end there are an additional 50km of trails which can be hiked... more - Eastern Townships

    Yamaska Park (Provincial) - 30km Easy

    The trails wind their way in and out of the area surrounding the lake (Reservoir Choiniere). You'll find pleasantly wooded sections with a mix of flat and rolling terrain...more - Eastern Townships



    Surrounding Regions

    Le Canadianne/Fleur de Lys Trail - 13km, Intermediate+

    This is a linear, 13km, trail that connects Saint Adolphe d'Howard to the Parc des Campeur in Sainte Agathe. The trail has a hut along the way for over nighting or you can do some wilderness camping. More Laurentians

    Devils Mountain - Intermediate/Advanced

    There are 30km of trails and two separate campsites on the mountain.The mountain is the second highest peak in the Laurentians at 783 m... More Laurentians

    Mont Megantic (Provincial) - (Sherbrooke, Notre-Dame-des-Bois) You'll find 70km of trials winding throughout the park, with huts, and camp sites with platforms available for an over night stay. There are three separate camping areas in the park... More Eastern Townships

    Mont-Orford (Provincial) - (Magog) Back country camping is available along the Sentier de l'Estrie, which cuts through the park allowing you to hike an out and back and make a weekend of it... More Eastern Townships

    Mont Tremblant Park The park has an extended hike in the form of the Longue Randonee Pedestre. This 74km trail includes a loop in the Lac Monroe section, then a long linear section leading to the Saint Donat entrance... More 2-2.5hr north, Laurentians

    National Trail While often confused with the Trans Canada Trail, this is an older initiative, dedicated to backpackers, hikers, cross country/backcountry skiers and the newly emerging snowshoe set... More Laurentians

    Parc d'Environnement natural de Sutton

    The park has 77km of trails, with huts as well as backcountry campsites... More Eastern Townships

    P'tit Train du Nord/Aerobic Corridor 200km+, Easy

    The two trails are being interconnected to provide a loop from the St. Sauveur/Morin Heights area to St. Jovite. These are certainly not traditional hiking trails (they're main use is for cycling in the summer and cross country skiing in the winter - the trail is a converted rail bed) but never-the-less, you do see backpackers on route... More Laurentians

    Les Sentiers de l'Estrie - Expert, 160km

    This extended linear trial winds through the Townships and crosses some of it's major peaks. The trail runs from Kingsbury in the northeast, south to Mont Orford Park and across the Orford, over Mont Chagnon then into the Bolton area... More 2hrs south east, Eastern Townships

    Sentiers Frontaliers (Frontier Trail)

    Expert, 82km of linear trail and an additional 26km of side trails. The trail stretches from Mont Megantic Park in the north to the U.S. border in the south, where it dances along the Maine border for a good distance, then heads into ZEC Louise Gosford... More Eastern Townships






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