Montreal was founded in 1534, making it one of the oldest cities in North America. Its history involves Indian wars and alliances, the fur trade and the exceptional men who built it, the seemingly endless "Punch and Judy Show" put on by Britain and France and even invasions from our American neighbors to the south. As is often the case, the underling story revolves around something more mundane but in the end more enduring and uplifting than the dramas of the day. The real story lies with the spirit and resolve of those early pioneers that built this wonderful city, in a foreign land, with a hostile climate and in spite of all adversity. Perhaps some of this turmoil, along with the friction between the cultures are the sparks, which are responsible for Montrealers' dedication to, and support of their cultures. The result a serious appreciation of the arts, a love of dance, a focus on music and individual expression, which ultimately leads to the development of free form lifestyles.  

To imagine Montreal as a city of festivals is not to imagine at all. It has always been a festival, a party, a celebration of life. To see Montreal in any other way would truly require some imagining.

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Montreal is a multifaceted city that does just about everything well. Great accommodations, faboulous restaurants, world class festivals and attractionsl, and whoa... the night life!

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