Montreal has thousands of great camp sites in the parks and reserves surrounding the city. Front country campers will appreciate the easy access to either Oka or Yamaska parks, both less than one hour from town. You'll find beaches and trails, with kayak and bicycle rentals to take advantage of them. In just over an hour you can reach the Stuckley campground in Mont Orford Park and be on the beach not a minute later, or head into the hills for a quick hike before setting up the tent. Papineau Labelle, Mont Tremblant and Frontenac are just a little further, and just a little wilder than the others, but none of them are more than three hours drive.

If your preferences lean towards wilderness camping, either with a backpack or a canoe, you have a number of choices as well. Tremblant, Frontenac, Papineau Labelle and Rouge Matawin all have canoe camping, either on lakes or rivers and with or without portages. Backpackers have a choice of Mont Tremblant, Mont Orford and Mont Megantic for a hike into either a hut or wilderness site.


Outside the parks and reserves, backpackers can hike to sites along the Sentier de l'Estrie (membership is required), the Devil's Mountain, Mont Sutton and the Sentiers Frontaliers.

If you have an RV or a camper and prefer private campgrounds, there are dozens of locations surrounding the Island of Montreal. Most have all the amenities, and can accommodate any sized vehicle. Some notables are Parc Bromont and Parc de la Gorge Coaticook, both located in the townships. Bromont has excellent cycling for bikers of any persuasion, while Coaticook is particularly well known for it's mountain biking. Camping Transcanadien in the Monteregie Region, has direct access to the Ottawa River for boaters and is just a short half hour from Montreal's West Island. The Parc des Campeurs in the centre of the Laurentians, gives you a great jumping off point to explore the area and is just a short drive from the fabulous four seasons resort at Mont Tremblant.



Mont Tremblant Park

Mont Tremblant has hundreds of campsites (most of which are accessible by car) in it's three sectors, Le Diable (Lac Monroe) in the west, La Pimbina in the center region and L'Assoption in the east. There are canoe campsites along both the Diable and L'Assomption rivers and there are also some walk-in sites in the park reserved for cyclists. There are of course sites with services available if your planning to bring a pop-up or RV. Many of the campsites are lakeside but you'll have to book early for most summer weekends, if you want to grab a piece of the shoreline. Park activities in the summer are cycling (hybrid or mountain bike), canoeing, hiking, backpacking and nature observation. The park has an exceptional show of colours in the fall. Out-There's Mont Tremblant Park feature provides details on each campground, park access and much more.

Oka Park

The park is a stone's throw from Montreal and is very popular in season. There are hundreds of campsites, most of which are shaded and just a short distance from the park's beautiful beach. La Refuge campground has serviced sites if you drive a RV or have a trailer or pop-up. Park activities in the summer include cycling (mountain or road, the park has a section of the paved Vagabond bike path within its boundaries), sea kayaking, hiking, and nature observation. Out-There's Oka Park feature provides details on each campground, park access and more on activities and adventure.

Papineau Labelle Wildlife Reserve (Réserve Faunique)

There are two unserviced campgrounds in the reserve, in the south at Lac Echo and in the north at Lac Joinville. Small groups which qualify (contact the reserve for details) can make use of three small tent sites (five placements) at Ernest, Marie-Lafance and Sourd Lakes. There are canoe campsites on several lakes in the north of the reserve with the main access through the Pie IX entrance.The reserve is located north of the Ottawa River and just to the southeast of Mont Laurier. It encompasses over 1,600 sq. km of wilderness. The campsites at Lac Echo are next to the beach or just a short walks distance. There are also huts and cabins available on a rental basis. The reserve has over 12 entry points.To reach Lac Echo the usual point of entry is Val des Bois, while the most common entry point for Lac Joinville is from Pie IX. To reach Val des Bois from Montreal head west on the 40 and take the split towards Ottawa in Vaudreuil. After you enter Ontario take the exit for Hawkesbury and continue through town, then over the Pearly Bridge (which has been completely rebuilt) to pickup the 148 towards Hull. Watch for Buckingham where you head north on the 309, which will take you to the entrance. Alternatively you can take the 148 or the 50 (from the 15) to pick up (continue on) the 148 outside Lachute. From Ottawa/Hull take the 50 from Hull to its terminus, then follow the 148 to the 309 at Buckingham. To reach the Pie IX entrance from Montreal take the 15 (or the 13 and the 640 to the 15) north until it turns into the 117 north of Ste. Agathe. Continue on a short distance passed L'Annociation, where you pick up the 321 south which will take you into the reserve. This is very much a wilderness area and most of the reserve has little in the way of services but there are huts and cabins available for non-campers. Most of the reserves roads are good, but not paved. For more information have a look at the Official Site.

Please Note: Hunting is permitted in Quebec's wildlife reserves.

Rouge-Matawn Wildlife Reserve (Réserve Faunique)

The reserve is locate along the northern borders of Mont Tremblant Park but unfortunately, you cannot currently reach the reserve directly from the park. The reserve is a true wilderness area, with little in the way of services and all of the camping is classified as wilderness. Sites are distributed throughout the reserve. There are also huts and cabins available on a rental basis. The two main access points for the reserve are Macaza in the west, and Saint-Micheal-des-Saint in the east. Macaza can be reached from Montreal by taking the 15 (or the 13 to the 640 to the 15) then the 117north, Saint-Micheal des Saints can be reached from Montreal by following the 40 east towards Quebec City, then taking the 31north into Joliette, where you head east to the 131 north. Contact the reserve for more information through the Official Site.

Please Note: Hunting is permitted in Quebec's wildlife reserves.

Ski Morin Heights

The hill has a new and unique initiative with the recently developed cabin and tent site area. With all of the outdoor activities in the Morin Heights region, these facilities will probably be at a premium as the word gets out. We'll being heading up there ourselves to get a first hand look at the project sometime this summer. For more information, including rates, have a look at the Ski Morin Heights website.


Eastern Townships

Mont Megantic Park (Provincial) - The park has backcountry but no front country camping. There are three separate camping areas in the park, Andromede with seven sites (6km from the trail head), Grande Ourse with five (3km from the trail head) and Orion with one (5km from the trail head). You'll have to pack all of your equipment in a backpack or you can also use a mountain bike with panniers. The sites are all located on designated pads. All the sites are located beside park huts. The Adromede sites are located along a beautiful stream, which surges during the spring, lulling you to sleep or keeping you awake, depending on your personality.From Montreal take highway 10 (the Eastern Townships Autoroute) passed Sherbrooke where it turns into the 112. Just before East Angus turn onto the 253 going south. Follow the 253 until you reach the junction of the 212 and head east. Stay on the 212 to Notre Dame des Bois then follow the signs to the the park. Official Site

Mont Orford Park (Provincial) - (Magog) There are 334 sites in the Stukely sector, 40 of which have services. You'll find an additional 99 sites in the Fraser sector to the north. Both sectors have campsites on, or just above the water. Showers, toilets, snack bar (Stukley), canoe rentals (Stukley) are available. Stukley Sector: From Montreal take highway 10 (the Eastern Townships Autoroute) to exit 118 (Magog-Orford) and follow the 141 north into the park. Fraser Sector: From Montreal take Highway 10 to exit 118 then head north on Alfred-DesRochers to the 220, where you head west into the park. Official Site

Frontenac Park (Provincial) - There are 96 campsites in the Saint-Daniel sector and 109 new campsites in the Sector Sud, 71of which have services. The park also has 30 canoe camping sites, including some on the islands. There is a bike path which follows along the lake, along with 30km of hiking trails and of course you'll also find canoe rentals. From Montreal follow Highway 10 (the Eastern Townships Autoroute) to route 112 passed Sherbrooke, then head towards Disreali, where you pick up the 263 heading east. Take the split left for the Praxade and Saint Daniel sectors and the split right for the Sector Sud. Official Site

Yamaska Park (Provincial) - 109 campsites, 34 serviced, washrooms, showers, laundromat, store and snack bar are available. The park has a nice beach, hiking trails, canoe rentals and lies along a bike path, which directly connects into the hundreds of kilometres of paths within the Quebec cycling network. From Montreal take Highway 10 (the Eastern Townships Autoroute) to exit 68 and head north into the park.Official Site

Park de la Gorge Coaticook - You'll find 91 campsites with 40 serviced along with showers, washrooms and a snack bar in the park. You'll also find 10km of hiking trails that follow the river gorge and take you across the longest suspension bridge in the world. The trails also access a large birding and lookout tower, that provides a beautiful view of the surroundings, especially when the leaves are turning. There is some excellent mountain biking in the park, with 18km of trails for the more advanced riders. From Montreal take Highway 10 (the Eastern Townships Autoroute) to exit 121, follow the 55 south to exit 21, where you'll pick up the 141 heading east. When you reach Coaticook watch for the signs for the park. For more information contact the park through their website at Park de la Gorge Coaticook.

Parc d'environnement natural de Sutton - Backcountry Sites & Hut There are 77km of hiking and backpacking trails, with two wilderness camping areas in the park. There are number of trails that climb to the parks peaks including the Sommet Rond, which provides a breath taking view of the area. From Montreal take highway 10 (the Eastern Townships Autoroute) to exit 74, then follow the 241 south to the 104, From here you continue east to the 139, which will take you south into Sutton. From Sutton head due east on Chemin Maples, then turn left on Chemin Harold Boulanger and continue on to the parking area for the trails. Have a look at theirwebsite.

Mont Glen - 35 unserviced campsites The ski hill is open for camping and hiking during the summer months. The area has 40km of hiking trails as well as a lake for swimming once you're done. From Montreal take Highway 10 (the Eastern Townships Autoroute) to exit 90 and follow the 243 south, passed Knowlton, where you'll see the turn off for the mountain on your right. Have a look at theirwebsite.


RV and Private Campgrounds

Eastern Townships




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