Some of Montreal's Nature Parks allow biking on designated paths, other than that, there aren't many areas (that we know of ) where you can take a mountain bike in the city. The closest is the Power Line Trail in Ile Perrot, which once had innumerable side trails but many of them are disappearing due to the urban sprawl monster. Fortunately, the regions surrounding the city have some great trails. Mont Tremblant Park and Bromont are amongst the best in the immediate area.

The big three in the Townships are Mont Bromont, Herford and Coaticook. Each has its attributes, and each is well worth riding. These, are arguably the best of Quebec's trails (whoa did I see sparks fly), with Bromont taking the lead for its endless variety and of course that sweet extra, that is a chair lift. Hereford is a natural, with thinner crowds and a more do-it yourself approach .Lately, it seems Coaticook is in the running, the new contender, what it lacks in kilometres it makes up for in the excellent trail design and the bonus of having onsite camping.


In the Laurentians Mont Tremblant has mountain biking in two sectors, Le Diable (Monroe) and Pembina. If you're planning to ride the Pembina Sector, you can also take advantage of the Oureau Forest trails in the Lanaudiere district just south of the park entrance. Oka provides the closest ride to Montreal in the Laurentians region.

If you're willing to travel a little further, Mont Ste Anne, just to the east of Quebec City, has close to 200km of exceptional trials and is well worth a visit. While the Gatineau Park and Camp Fortune are another good option just outside Ottawa/Hull.

While it's unfortunate the city hasn't followed Toronto or Vancouver's lead in opening up trails for mountain bikes (pity - all those lost tourist dollars), it has tried to make amends with its excellent cycling network. The bike paths follows along the island's southern shore from the West Island to the old port, then onto the eastern end of the island before looping back west again. This is a part of the over 350km of bikes paths in the city, a fact that has placed Montreal amongst the top cities for cycling in North America. The bike path is slowly being extended all around the outside of the island. Bike maps are available and are heartily recommended given the cities layout (it should be forgiven for being somewhat haphazard since it's several hundred years old). Several areas of the city are actually islands unto themselves and the bike path weaves in and out of them, so it's easy to get confused.

The surrounding regions have dozens of bike paths (many of which are converted rail trails or historic canal tow paths), which connect into the Montreal network and are being tied together as a part of the Route Verte, the Provinces exceptional cycling network. In addition there are lots of quiet country roads within a short distance of the city, particularly in the Eastern Townships, which has always been a key destination for cyclists. One of the best road tours your likely to find anywhere is the Tour des Vins, which loops through Quebec's' wine growing region in the Eastern Townships.

Mountain Biking

The Aerobic Corridor (Corridor Aerobique) - 60km, Morin Heights, minimal grade, hardpack, Morin Heights - St Remi d'Amherst

The Aerobic Corridor is one of Quebec's original multi-use trails It is currently evolving and will soon provide a loop, in conjunction with the P'tite Train du Nord, through the some of the most beautiful areas in the Laurentians... more - Laurentians

Bromont - Over 100km of Trials, Lift Served, Fee

Mont Bromont is perhaps Quebec's finest mountain bike center. Mont Ste Anne and Mont Tremblant are its nearest competitors and certainly they have great merit but the quality of Bromont's trail network, the number of trails you can access from the chair lift and the length of gravity assisted trails give it an edge. You can spend days here without repeating trails... more The centre is located about 1hr south east of Montreal off Highway 10, Eastern Townships

Mont Herford - Novice-Extreme

The balance of the trail network is intermediate, with several expert and extreme runs as well as two novice trails. All in all a great mix... more - Eastern Townships

Mont Megantic - 15km, Novice, Jeeptrack.

The trails are used for cross country skiing in the winter and are mostly easy but you do have to climb. The trails lead into the huts and tent sites at Andromede with seven tent sites (6km from the trailhead), Grande Ourse (3km from the trailhead) with five and Orion with one (5km from the trailhead)... more - Eastern Townships

Mont Tremblant Park - Novice - Expert, Fee

Bikers can choose from over 75km of jeep track, dirt road and single track. The trails are predominantly in the Lac Monroe area but their is an excellent ride of 17km in the Pimbina Sector... more 2-2.5hrs north of Montreal from the 117 and the 15, - Laurentians

Oka Park - 7.5km, Intermediate, Fee

The park has a 7.5km long intermediate trail just across the highway, in the north section called Le Sommet. It's a loop trail with some nice climbs, technical areas and single track... more 30 - 45 minutes north west of Montreal on the 640 from the 13, Laurentians

Oureau Forest - Novice - Expert, 100km

The forest has 100km of trails, 20km of track set ski trials at Notre-Dame-de-la-Merci. Much of the trail system is open to mountain biking and the trails range in difficulty from novice to expert. You can camp over night along the Oureau River... more Just off Hwy 125 between Chertsey and Notre-Dame-de-Merci in the Lanaudiere region.

Park de la Gorge Coaticook Intermediate-Expert, Fee

The park is rapidly gaining a reputation for great mountain biking trails and for good reason. This is an excellent area to ride...more - Eastern Townships

Petit Train du Nord - 200km, St Jerome - Mont Laurier, smooth surface, minimal grade, fee.

The linear park travels through the beautiful hills of the Laurentians just north of Montreal. From St Jerome the trail travels through the Park du Riviere du Nord, side swipes the Parc Doncaster and continues on through much of the regions resort areas includeing the Village of Mont Tremblant. You can start the trail from either end... more 45 minutes north of Montreal on the 15, Laurentians



Bike Paths in the Surrounding Regions

The Aerobic Corridor (Corridor Aerobique) 60km, minimal grade, hardpack, Morin Heights - St Remi d'Amherst, Laurentians The Aerobic Corridor is one of Quebec's original multi-use trails It is currently evolving and will soon provide a loop, in conjunction with the P'tit Train du Nord, through the some of the most beautiful areas in the Laurentians... More Laurentians

Bois de Belle Rivière The park has a trail system for cycling as well as has a number of hiking trails which are used in the winter for cross country skiing... More Laurentians

Blaineville Bikeway 21km, paved. The bike path weaves its way around the town of Blaineville in the lower Laurentians... More Laurentians

Campagnarde - 49km, Drummondville - Waterloo The trail is surfaced with crushed gravel and travels in a north/south direction. Connects to the L' Estriade and if you follow the Route 112, to the east from Waterloo you can reach La Montagnarde... More Eastern Townships/Monteregie/Couer du Quebec

Domaine Vert The park is in a lovely natural area with an extensive trail system for cycling and hiking as well as cross country skiing in the winter... More Laurentians

Doncaster A beautiful nature park a short distance from Ste. Adele. The park follows the Doncaster River as it makes its way to the Riviere du Nord. The trials connect to the P'tit Train du Nord... More Laurentians

L'Estriade - 21.1km, Waterloo - Granby The trail has a number of spurs, which allow you to do some additional exploring. A short side trail, La Villegeoise, takes you into the scenic town of Bromont (and the most excellent Mountain Biking at the ski hill)... More Eastern Townships

Frontenac Park - The park has a new 8km bike path which runs along Lake St. Francis in the Saint Daniel sector. The park has front country camping, beaches, canoe camping and hiking trails... More Eastern Townships

Lac Megantic-Baie des Sables - the 6.2km trail connects the town core of Lac Megantic with the campers park... More Eastern Townships

Lower Laurentians Linear Park (Basses Laurantides) 27km (5km in the works), St Jerome - Ste Therese (Rosemere and eventually Laval) This is a new development which starts just north of Montreal/Laval. When it's completed it will provide direct access to the P'tit Train du Nord from the Montreal area... More Laurentians

Montagnarde - 50km plus, Stuckley-Sud - Magog Perhaps the townships nicest cycling route. The trail takes you through Mont Orford Provincial Park and into the scenic town of Magog, on Lake Memphremagog. A printed map is available from the local tourism office... More Eastern Townships

Mont Tremblant 12.5km, Mont Tremblant Village - Mont Tremblant Resort, Laurentians The trail system is a paved, off road trail with gentle grades connecting the Village of Mont
Tremblant and the Mont Tremblant Resort... More Laurentians

Monteregiades (Monteregiades I, II) - 48km, Granby - Iberville (St Jean sur Richelieu), The trail is fully paved, which makes for a nice ride, but if the day is particularly hot, you might want to take advantage of the beach in Farnham, La Plage Ouellette, so bring you swim suite and a lock for your bike... More Monteregie/Eastern Townships

The P'tit Train du Nord 200km, St Jerome - Mont Laurier, smooth surface, minimal grade, fee. The linear park travels through the beautiful hills of the Laurentians just north of Montreal. From St Jerome the trail travels through the Park du Riviere du Nord, side swipes the Parc Doncaster... More Laurentians

Rivière-du-Nord A beautiful regional park just off highway 15 outside of Saint-Jerome. The park lies along the P'tit Train du Nord (the Laurentian's rail trail) on the shores of the Riviere-du-Nord... More Laurentians

The Vagabond 46km, Oka - Saint-Eustache, Lower Laurentians The trail is just north east of Montreal in the lower Laurentians region of Quebec running from Oka to St Eustache. It follows the north shore of the St Lawrence... More Laurentians

Road Routes in the Surrounding Regions

La Route des Vins Eastern Townships - 66km, road route, Farnham, Mystic, St. Armand, Bedford, Brigham, Dunham, Cowansville, Brigham, East Farnham. Quebec like the Niagara Region in Ontario and the Okanagan in B.C. is becoming well know for it's locally produces wines. Canada is taking home gold medals from France... More

For more information on cycling in Montreal and the Province of Quebec consult the Route Verte site.






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