Montreal is located in the southwestern corner of the vast Province of Quebec. Two distinctive cultures, bold natural surroundings and one of the longest histories in North America, make this Montreal rich in many realms and a fascinating place to visit. The interaction of the two cultures, while not always seamless, has contributed to a rich diversity and a unique style found no where else in North America. Maps  

Visiting from Outside Quebec

Quebec's natural heritage, is only now being fully appreciate by the rest of the world. The Charlevoix, a world heritage site, the Gaspesie with the spectacular Chic Chocs, the Torngates of the North are just a few of the natural wonders of the province. We have put together pointers to help make your visit to this unique province even more enjoyable.


Visiting from Outside of Canada


Montreal and the Surrounding Regions

Montreal is an island city located within the St Lawrence River. Bridges and tunnels are a fact of life here, providing the links to the neighboring regions, including the island of Laval directly to the north. Off island, there are three surrounding tourism regions which provide a wide array of recreation and entertainment.

To the south and the east is the region of Monteregie (Hwy 20, 40, 10) which is famous for amongst other things, the number of bike paths within it's boundaries. Fine dining and excellent accommodations abound.

Further south and to the east, you will find the Eastern Townships (Hwy 10), which is well known for it's skiing, and more recently, its mountain biking. You'll enjoy outdoor recreation, exceptional dining and in an area of exquisite country charms.

In the north above Montreal and Laval is the world renown area of the Laurentians (Hwy 15, 13, 117), with a well earned reputation for outdoor activities, particularly snow boarding, downhill and cross country skiing. Just as well know are the areas great restaurants and bars.

Just to the northeast is the beautiful area of the Lanaudiere (Hwy 40, 25, 125), which shares the same natural attributes of the Laurentians but without the crowds.

Within the Montreal adventure sports listings we have included references to surrounding areas and their activities. In most cases we've included approximate driving distances to aid you with your planning.


Official Quebec Tourism - Surrounding Regions



Detailed Maps from the City of Montreal (French)



Quebec shares most of the same holidays as the rest of Canada, with the addition of Saint-Jean Baptiste Day, which is June the 24th. Other Canadian provinces make up for this by having an additional holiday, usually on the first Monday in August. As a general rule, all provinces and territories have holidays to mark or celebrate the following:

New Years Day - January 1
Good Friday and /or Eastern Monday - Movable
Victoria Day - Monday before the 25th May
Sainte Jean-Baptiste - June 24
Canada Day - July 1
Labour Day - First Monday in September
Thanksgiving - Second Monday in October (not in sync with American Thanksgiving)
Christmas - December 25

Note: Some of these holidays are movable, usually to the nearest Monday or Friday of the week in which they fall.


Banks and Trusts

Use the banking and trust links to find ATM machines in the Montreal region.


Debit Cards

ATM machines are available at most banks and financial institutions. In addition there are lots of machines in grocery and convenience stores. Most machines connect into the Interac network. Direct payment is everywhere if you have the appropriate bank card. Use the Banks and Trusts listing above to locate ATM's in the Montreal area.


Foreign Exchange

  • Banque National 801 Ste-Catherine 514-281-1985
  • Banque National 5070, avenue du Parc 514-273-1791
  • Banque National 4506 rue St-Denis 514-281-9610
  • Bureau de Change Du Vieux Montreal - 230 Saint-Jacques, (514) 985-0600 Old Montreal

Currency Conversion

The Montreal International Airport in Dorval also has an exchange office as does the Eaton Centre on Ste. Catherine in downtown Montreal.


Credit Cards


Cities, Towns and Villages

Montreal use to be made up of the City of Montreal and a large number of smaller municipalities scattered all over the island. For better or for worse, Montreal has adopted the Mega City concept and is now comprised of a single entity. They are still bandying the idea about of restoring the original municipalities.

The Burroughs

Beaconsfield-Baie d’Urfé
Rosemont–La Petite-Patrie



Montreal & Laval






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